The program helps entrepreneurs who have set up their business in the last five years and need support to consolidate their project
The Programme seeks to address this and accelerate the growth of start-ups, through specialised consultancy in the fields of marketing, digital marketing, internationalisation, financing and innovation.

It is aimed at start-ups that have an age not exceeding 5 years.

A very important role is played by the Cartagena Business Association (COEC), the Regional Development Agency (INFO), and the European Centre for Business and Innovation Cartagena (CEEIC)

The support offered by the consultants include 65 hours of mentoring about topics like Digital Marketing, Comercialization, Innovation, Strategy, Finnancial and Economic Management. With the help of these consultant a Business Consolidation Plan is made for every start-up.

In addition, the start-up receives a basic knowledge in Industry 4.0 technologies with workshops related with their possibilities.

Afterwards, the program and the organizations involved support the start-ups to participate and obtain labels and awards to promote them.

And the last part of the programme is the Intermediation in the search for financing and contacting potential industrial, technological partners, private investors or venture capital companies. So the start-ups can have the access to the resources they need to scale up their projects

Resources needed

Maximum 10 start-ups participate in the programme each year which involves a series of initial actions, consulting, reporting, travel and administrative tasks. Total costs 15,000 €.
The “Instituto de Fomento” (INFO), the Regional Development Agency of Murcia finances the programme.

Evidence of success

This project contributes to European competitiveness and to the acceleration of regional economic growth.
Consolidations plans: 9
Digital transformation workshops: 4
Planned investment startups: 1.000.000€
Jobs created: 27

Difficulties encountered

The start-ups have important needs to improve their strategy and business management. They are also eager to innovate in a more powerful way and refine their business model to differentiate themselves from the competition or new imitators.

Potential for learning or transfer

Effective entrepreneurship programmes require active methods that engage individuals in creativity, technological awareness, project management skills and innovation in non- traditional learning environments.
Innovation in entrepreneurship models and methodologies must adopt practical approaches that include active and participatory methods, with actions aimed at stimulating the implementation of projects and the creation of companies by multidisciplinary teams, promoting training in business management in a generalized manner and facilitating the exchange of ideas, skills, capacities and knowledge.

Last year’s companies received a report with a diagnosis along with a roadmap of actions to be implemented based on the recommendations of the consultants which focus on the growth of the startup.

Other value-added services such as access to alternative financing, credits in Amazon Web Services, preferred location in the technology incubator, visibility and promotion.

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Main institution
Regional Confederation of Business Organizations of Cartagena
Región de Murcia, Spain (España)
Start Date
September 2019
End Date


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