As authorized export-credit agency, SID Bank provides insurance for international commercial transactions of Slovenian companies against non-marketable risks.
SID Bank, a promotional development and export bank, assists companies in insuring commercial and non-commercial export risks of the nature and level for which financial institutions and private reinsurance market are not willing or have limited capabilities to cover, in order to promote seizing of opportunities in international economic and development cooperation for Slovenian economy.

SID Bank offers following insurance services:
- Export credit ins. services (insurance of pre-delivery risks; insurance of post-delivery risks: supplier credit insurance, foreign buyer/bank credit insurance)
- Insurance of bank guarantees/contractual bonds
- Insurance of pre-export financing
- Investments insurance
- Reinsurance of receivables – support for SME
- Project financing insurance.

Funds required for effective provision of insurance operations are provided by the Republic of. Slovenia in the form of contingency reserves that are used to settle liabilities to the insured entities and to cover losses deriving from such transactions. Contingency reserves are created from premiums, fees and commissions, recourse from paid claims and other revenues generated by SID Bank from insurance and reinsurance against non-marketable risks. If the claims incurred cannot be settled from the reserves, funds for the payout are provided by the Republic of Slovenia.

Resources needed

Republic Slovenia is sole shareholder of SID Bank with share capital of 300 million EUR. In 2016 Bank’s contingency reserves serving as shield against direct claim settlement from government budget stood at 130 million EUR with 800 million EUR of planned volume of insurance per year in 2015-2020.

Evidence of success

With improving conditions for enterprises in foreign markets, practice contributes to Axis 3 objective Enhance international competitiveness of SMEs of Operational Program.
Between 2011 - 2016 over 1000 enterprises were supported with insurance services. SID Bank’s services cover over 20% of Slovene exports, effects on Slovene economy in 2016 were: contribution to creation and maintenance of 17 thousand jobs; 7.3 bn EUR of additional sales, 3.5 bn EUR of additional export, 2.9 bn EUR of GDP.

Potential for learning or transfer

Practice is an example of an instrument of the trade policy of the Republic of Slovenia, providing for the economy suitable safety and the possibility to be competitive in foreign markets according to the internationally agreed rules and conditions. Market failure and market gaps caused by private market not being capable of assuming certain risks and providing insurances without guarantee from the State, are filled by the authorised institution that supplements the financial market in this way. Such role of SID Bank is envisaged in Slovene Programme for internationalisation 2015–2020 and Action Plans 2015 - 2016, 2017 – 2018 prepared based on the Programme.

On operational level, practice offers specially designed products for SME’s: easier and faster access, standardised documentation, costs (premia deposit) that can be transferred to other regions.

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Main institution
SID Bank (Slovene export and development dank)
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2008
End Date


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