SO RIS is a space for cooperation between business environment and the scientific and research sector, business support institutions and local government units.
An important element of the Network's activity is the development of an integrated model of networking of specialized observatories with both local authorities, business and science sectors. The main objective of the network is developing the technological and innovative potential of the region through building a competitive advantage of the voivodeship (also in medtech area). Specialized Observatories provide new knowledge and competences in all technological specializations for the decision-making processes of regional authorities.
Fields covered
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Technologies for Medicine
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Technologies for Energetics
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Information and Telecommunications Technologies
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Technologies for Environmental Protection
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Production and Materials Processing
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Technologies for the Aviation Industry
• Specialized Observatory in the area of Nanomaterials and Nanotechnologies
The main stakeholders are: regional universities, institutes, and research centers, business support institutions, NGOs.
Beneficiaries of the practice are regional SME.

Resources needed

The Network Leader is the Marshal’s Office of the Silesian Voivodeship. The tasks of the Network are coordinated by the Department of Regional Innovation Strategy. Teams of units responsible for Observatories are involved in the implementation of tasks.
30 people, 1mln euro.

Evidence of success

The SO RIS is unique on a national and even global scale. For years, the Network has been implementing tasks for the regional government and supporting SMEs. Provides knowledge about technological development in identified areas of regional specialization. It is growing successively, both in terms of areas and services offered. The implemented activities within the Network allowed to create a real cooperation platform that implements activities not only within the Network but also beyond.

Difficulties encountered

Further functioning of the SO RIS Network requires intensification of activities in the area of foreign cooperation, networking with foreign institutions, participation in international projects and development of a coherent strategy for international promotion of SO RIS offer and activities.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Network is an example of a tool for implementing and monitoring technology development policies in the region.
The currently existing Observatories carry out tasks related to:
•support and improvement of regional development management in the scope of: regional scientific and technological potential, positioning of key technological areas and evaluation of the effectiveness of activities aimed at creating a regional policy of pro-technological development of the Silesian Voivodeship and strengthening of regional specialization,
•strengthening the region's adaptive potential, regional market for research services and regional personnel by building relations between the R&D sector, enterprises, BSIs and regional authorities,
•development of knowledge, competence and exchange of experience.
Main institution
Marshal´s Office of Silesian Voivodeship
Start Date
March 2013
End Date


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