Green & blue corridor in the Skanste neighborhood in Riga will provide multi-functional services -stormwater collection and reuse for passive/ active purposes.
Skanste neighborhood is a rapidly developing mixed use are in Riga city. The blue & green infrastructure approach had been tried out and is proving to be successful. A cascading system of swales, canals, ponds has been designed and is now in the construction procurement phase. The system offers multiple functions: stormwater runoff attenuation before restricted discharge into sewer network, groundwater recharge, stormwater treatment by plants and soil, landscaping function, space for snow storage during winter. More importantly, the water is designed to be passively used for microclimate regulation and actively for firefighting and greenery watering purposes.
The green & blue corridor is implemented as a cascade of bioswale, vegetated canal with a gabion support wall, creek and dry river in the park and a series of ponds, before limited discharge into the sewer storm sewer system. The system services the area of around 100ha. The system is designed so that it is attractive and functional both in dry season and in rain events, as well as extreme rain. The system is designed to function also as protection against flooding and with the thought that water should be visible and be a part of everyday life in the city.
The main stakeholders are municipality, developers, residents, and businesses in of the area. Also, public and expert communities are important stakeholders as the site is a popular showcase of green and blue infrastructure in Latvia and Baltic countries.

Resources needed

The total estimated construction cost of the green and blue corridor is approximately 6.5 mil. EUR. Additional resources included project management and design.
Feasibility stage 2012-2013
Spatial planning stage 2014-2016
Technical design stage 2017-2019
Construction (est.) 2020-2021

Evidence of success

The green and blue corridor is a good example of consequential planning and inserting the concept at the planning stage, long before technical design. The green and blue infrastructure is the backbone of the development concept for the area, with the passive and active stormwater use being a part of everyday life. The system is designed with multiple function and multiple ecosystems services in mind.

Difficulties encountered

Now the system is developed by the development department, however handing it over for maintenance to other departments may be challenging due to the fact that different departments deal with different tasks. Therefore, the system presents both challenge and opportunity for integrated management.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice has seen a lot of attention already from specialists and municipalities in Latvia, Russia, Lithuania, Estonia, Netherlands and other countries. It is promising to become a good example of cost-effective and multi-functional solution.

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Main institution
Riga municipality development department
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
January 2012
End Date


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