The vision of Skane is to be Northern Euroep’s most sutainable region for events. This guide aims to motivate and inspire event organisers to work more sustaina
Skane works actively to develop the region as a destination and uses the global sustainability goas as a support in taking responsibility for the region to become more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable. The guide consists of 2 checklists, one for smaller and one for larger events, as well as additional inspiration for those who wish to have further support. Skane’s environmental programme sets the ecological framework for a sustainable regional development whereby people are at the centre, ecology sets the boundaries and the economy is the means. The three dimensions of sustainability in Skane’s approach include: social sustainability, environmental sustainability and economic sustainability. Events affect people and nature, for example through purchases, travel and material usage. Events can inspire people to think twice and can lead to the realisation of new behaviors, insights and more sustainable ideas. Based on the definition of the Swedish Sports Confederation of ‘Sustainable Events’ the guide sets out best practice across transport, food & drink, goods & services, waste, energy, accommodation, equality, accessibility, diversity transparency, security, health, local footprint and collaborations. A checklist for smaller and larger events provides the user with excellent guidance.

Resources needed

Select checklist 1 for smaller events or checklist 2 for larger events which are both included in the guide, download and fill in the checklist when planning the event and save your responses so that you can look back over them once the event is over.

Evidence of success

Great work is under way across Skane and as the filming industry embarks on its sustainability journey much of the guidance provided for sustainable events and its underlying motivation of taking responsibility for becoming more socially, environmentally and economically sustainable are transferable. Just as for events, the filming industry needs to give consideration to sustainability aspects such as transport, catering, goods & services, waste, energy, accommodation and local footprint.

Potential for learning or transfer

Ystad Municipality has translated this guide and shared it with the Green Screen partnership. The partnership has been inspired by overall holistic approach of the region to environmental, social and economic sustainability and partners have adopted this guide not only for the delivery of the meetings and events held as part of the Green Screen programme but have also shared the guidance in their own agencies to inform the planning of events. London for example has used the guidance to deliver its event during London Climate Action Week and has shared it internally with all other departments to inform the delivery of all events and meetings.
Main institution
Municipality of Ystad
Sydsverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
February 2020
End Date
February 2020


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