Silesian Icon is Poland’s only regional design competition. It awards the most innovative user-centred and market-driven products, graphics and services.
Since 2006 the annual competition addressed to companies, NGOs and public institutions from Silesia, which, thanks to cooperation with designers, create a new quality of products and services in the region. Allowing to recognize and highlight the best implementations of industrial design, graphic design and service design.
The jury puts special emphasis on implementations of high innovation and usability. After competition, there is an exhibition of winners under the name Dizajn po śląsku - Silesian Design presented in various places in the region.
Cooperation with designers helps to solve problems, change public space, provide products and services better suited to the needs of users.
The exhibition from 2018 included works selected from among the winners of all previous editions - industrial and handicraft products, graphic designs and innovative services. They concern very different areas of life and show how the use of design can change the daily lives of the inhabitants of the region.
Stakeholders and beneficiaries are entrepreneurs, public sector institutions and organization, NGOs and designers (or project teams).
Good practice is proof for companies, institutions and regions that a project can be an effective tool for change. Cieszyn Castle provides assistance in establishing contacts with partners from business and academic environments, NGOs and local governments. The Castle shows how to use design thinking in various spheres of everyday life.

Resources needed

- 3 to 4 people involved in the organization (employees of The Castle Cieszyn)
- 5 to 7 experts in the jury
€ 10.000,00 – costs of organization, promotion, award gala and post-competition exhibition

Evidence of success

A good example of cooperation between designers and business.
Mutual exchange of experiences.
Benefits for both sides.
Raising awareness.
Cooperation with professional designer.
Increasing the competitive advantage (qualitative, innovative, informative).
Higher quality of products and services in the region.
Participants were awarded in national competitions.
During 13 editions:
716 entrepreneurs and organizations that took part in in all editions,
274 project shown,
31 winners.

Difficulties encountered

Silesia struggling with the image of a region closely related to the heavy industry. Silesian Icon changes it. Submitted works are implemented in the region which is in the 2nd place among regions in terms of the No of business entities included in the creative industries also related to design.

Potential for learning or transfer

Silesian Icon can be successfully implemented in other European regions. Existing design competition are running by national or international design organizations or associations. Silesian icon is an unique solutions on regional level for promoting good design, innovative products and implemented with success solutions and services to the market. At the same time competition become a great way to support enterprises in the process of building their competitiveness. The products, graphic designs and services awarded in the competition are those which stand out in the market and are highly valued by users. In fact, they become real showpieces of their regions that are associated with best quality design.
Variety and scope of the competition: from graphic design and services
labels for local food products are technologically advanced tools replacing market competition. From creating a brand of well-designed products.
Main institution
Marshal´s Office of Silesian Voivodeship
Start Date
January 2006
End Date


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