Restoration of utility values for the natural purposes of a part of the excavation after the old dolomite mining operation of the Szczaków mining plant.
Natural remediation of post-industrial area, elimination of threats related to contamination of the earth's surface (the area is in the zone of the highest water protection) and creation of the possibility of forming natural habitats affecting the biodiversity of the area, i.e. restoring the natural values of the degraded area.

The general objectives of the project are: to improve the quality of surface and underground waters, to improve air quality, to provide the inhabitants of Jaworzno with opportunities to commune with nature, to enable proper succession in nature, to reduce natural hazards, to improve aesthetics and land use with minimal interference in the natural environment, and to restore public spaces of natural value, unlocking the social and economic potential of the district, improving the city's image in the eyes of residents, including those who are potential.
The area has been made more attractive, the existing sports and recreation infrastructure has been expanded, and new opportunities for active recreation have been created based on the construction of new facilities and equipment within the functioning diving base.
Beneficiaries include residents of Jaworzno, but also visitors from all over Poland visiting Diving Center and Arbotretum.

Resources needed

Project value: PLN 1,680,000.00
Project co-financing from the EU: PLN 1,158.000.00
ROP 2007-2013

Evidence of success

Despite the accumulation of crisis phenomena in these areas, they have a strong development potential and due to the interventions of the public and private sectors have a chance to become thriving developing spaces in Jaworzno, and the pillar of their development are new functions developed for years: tourism and recreation. Entrepreneurs also notice the potential of the place, e.g. a hotel was opended. Cliffs, greenery and the crystal clear water attract an increasing number of visitors.

Difficulties encountered

Funding of this key multi-million investment project was only possible thanks to support given by of EU funds. To raise the support for such measures, It was important to show that modern spaces for nature and recreation create opportunities for new jobs.

Potential for learning or transfer

The practice has created conditions for ecosystem-safe tourism, educational and recreational movements as well as observation opportunities for visitors. The arboretum will be located in the space of the Gródek Park, well known to the inhabitants of Jaworzno, and will serve as a living atlas of nature for visitors.

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Main institution
Jaworzno City
Śląskie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
April 2010
End Date
July 2011


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