Measures to boost the recycling market in Bulgarian legislation through integrating construction and demolition recycled materials in construction.
The Ordinance on construction waste management and use of construction and demolition recycled materials published in 2017 in Bulgaria provides support measures for construction and demolition recycled materials and their incorporation into new construction.
Article 13 of the Ordinance stipulates that the contracting authorities of public works projects financed by public funds shall be responsible for achieving targets for integrating construction and demolition recycled materials in construction depending on the type of the construction activity as follows:
-at least 2 % for new construction of buildings and facilities;
-at least 10 % for new construction of roads;
-at least 3 % for rehabilitation, overhaul and reconstruction of roads;
-at least 8 % for new construction, reconstruction and major overhaul of other construction of technical infrastructure;
-at least 10 % for new construction of landscaped areas for public or special purpose, including networks and technical infrastructure facilities for their maintenance, amusement sites with permanently attached amusement facilities, outdoor sites for sports and cultural activities;
-at least 12 % for recycling of construction waste in backfills.
The above targets shall be reached by 2020.

Resources needed

Logistics partnership between all responsible stakeholders involved in the process of achieving the targets:
• construction and demolition waste operators (as of February 2020 - 149, excluding transporters);
• Municipalities – Number: 265

Evidence of success

As a result from the public procurements conducted in fulfilling the legislative measures for support of the construction and demolition recycled materials, the data for 2018 from the Bulgarian Executive Environment Agency are as follows:
• 37 848.310 tons of construction and demolition recycled materials are incorporated in constructions and
• 2 206 352.258 tons of recovered construction and demolition waste is used for backfilling.

Difficulties encountered

No major challenges have been encountered.

Potential for learning or transfer

Since this is a legislative measure to boost the construction and demolition recycling market, it could be very easily transferred in other countries depending on their national legislation and local needs to support this specific market.

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Main institution
Ministry of Environment and Water
Югозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
December 2017
End Date


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