The purpose is to identify companies/suppliers that can deliver sustainable products and services for film and TV productions in the Ystad-Österlen region.
In order to prepare an inventory of sustainable suppliers, key questions about sustainability were discussed at the outset. What makes a company sustainable? Which criteria should be used and how can they be formulated?
The focus of this research was on specific aspects of the supply chain - catering, transport, materials, and accommodation in the Ystad-Österlen region.
The list is used as a model which can be expanded to include in future more categories and suppliers for the entire region.
Instead of developing a supplier list that needs to be continually updated and requires work to source new suppliers based on specific criteria, the suppliers will be given an opportunity to add themselves to the list.
A new digital service will be available for companies that are interested in being on a list of sustainable suppliers to the film and TV industry. Suppliers will be able to add information about their companies. The service is mainly aimed at the transport, catering, accommodation, and materials segments of the industry.
The development of a web-based list of green suppliers is integrated into Film i Skåne’s other portfolio of work on making film production in Skåne more sustainable.
The development of the digital service has begun but due to lack of resources and the challenges connected to the Corona Pandemic, the work is on hold, but the ambition is to proceed in the near future.

Resources needed

The project involved three steps: research and information gathering, an analysis of existing labels and certifications as well as discussion and dialogue with the businesses involved. The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals and their social, financial and ecological dimension were integrated.

Evidence of success

The list has been created and integrated in the Film i Skåne’s sustainability work and is part of the region’s journey in making film production more sustainable. Due to above-mentioned obstacles, no companies have signed up but around 60 companies have shown interest.
Over time we will get better understanding as to how many productions actively engage with the supplier list, but as their funding will in future be connected to evidencing a sustainable strategy, this will be a helpful too

Potential for learning or transfer

The project has identified criteria that can be adopted by other regions across Europe, including the following key requirements:

• The company is engaged in active environmental efforts that are ongoing, are developed over time and related to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.
• The company can describe its sustainability development work and the SDGs they are working towards. They must also specify what industry they belong to and which goods and services they provide.

Other criteria include:

• Environmental certification e.g. ISO 14001
• Environmental policy
• Other relevant sustainability certifications

These criteria are transferable and Green Screen Partners such as ProMalaga have already expressed an interest in adopting this model for their region. Equally, the Ystad-Österlen sees the potential of expanding this list to include other categories.

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Main institution
Municipality of Ystad
Start Date
February 2020
End Date


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