The Turin Chamber of commerce runs a Mentoring program to encourage the exchange of managerial experiences across international markets between entrepreneurs
The Mentoring program aims to encourage the exchange of managerial experiences across international markets with business leaders, with personal or professional ties to Piedmont.
It consists in a voluntary relationship between a business professional with significant and well recognized work experience (Mentor) and an up and coming entrepreneur (Mentee).The Mentor facilitates the professional development of these mentees.
Mentors are Italian professionals living abroad, with ties with Piedmont by origin, study or work. Mentors must have +10years of proved experience on the field of management and business development.
Mentees are Company Executives or key managers in a company based in Piedmont, interested in the international growth of the company.
Both parties engage in the relationship on a voluntary, non paid basis and sign an agreement to adhere to certain ethical guidelines.
The Mentoring lasts at least 8 months. The objective of the mentoring program is to improve the internationalization process of the companies in the piedmont territory by sharing good practices and experiences. The project starts with a kick off meeting, with mentors coming from around the world in Turin: it is the main event in which Mentors and potential Mentees know each other, so it is very important to achieve the best matching. Meeting the mentee in person is useful for the Mentor, due to the fact Mentorship is better working when the choice is made face to face.

Resources needed

3 human resources
Financial resources for:
- Kick off/project end: flight tickets/accomodation for Mentors and catering
- Subscription for Linkedin network to find new Mentors profiles
- B2B software to manage the meeting during kick off meeting.

Evidence of success

From the first edition mentors and mentees interested in the mentoring program has rapidly increased: applicant went from 76 (1st edition) to 130 (3rd edition).
90% of the applicants were satisfied by the Mentoring Program.
From their feedback, the achieved goals have been:
- new strategic plan to grow up in international market
- new marketing and communication strategy
- new business plan
- new internal company organization
- development of international contacts and market areas

Difficulties encountered

The main difficulties come from interrupted matchings, sometimes because the mentee is too busy to join the project or he has not very clear goals. Anyway just 6% of Mentees have not been satisfied. Finally,It is very important to create the right matching

Potential for learning or transfer

The Mentoring program is easily replicable in other regions, it is mainly based on the networking capabilities of the Chamber of Commerce, both through the Mentors and the Mentees. The success factor is very high, as 90% of the mentors and mentees is satisfied by the program and how it helped to open to new international markets and the contacts that have been acquired. The relationship is between two people, the mentor and the mentee, and sometimes it even extends beyond the end of the programme. Some interviews have noted that many mentors and mentees consider the mentoring program as an unique opportunity of sharing experiences and good practices.

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Main institution
Camera di commercio, industria, artigianato e agricoltura di Torino
Piemonte, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
February 2015
End Date


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