Kulturklik is a common platform, open and shared with all the actors of the Basque culture.
The KULTURKLIK platform was born in 2010 as a cultural blog. Since the beginning, the main objective of the platform has been the dissemination of the Basque art and culture. Although it keeps this main objective, it also meets another main goal: Meeting point for the professionals of the creativity, art and culture.
Since 2017, when the Department of Culture and Language Policy outlined the strategy for Cultural and Creative Industries in the Basque Country, Kulturklik platform has included the Creative industries as a potential target for the dissemination.
It has two differentiated websites, one, general and another, aimed at cultural and creative professionals.
1. Main Services offered to the general public: a cultural agenda, Creativity data base, News,...
2. Main Services offered to a professional public: Directory of Cultural Resources, Training and conferences, Funding programme calls, Publications related to the cultural and creative field and Specials (contents of own elaboration), gather special programs or activities.

These are some figures of the Kulturklik platform:
About 20,000 contents are published annually on the platform and 12,000 of them are cultural events.
Weekly, a newsletter is sent to some 1,800 subscribers.
Kulturklik has a presence in social networks through Facebook (5,800) and Twitter (8,500 followers).

Resources needed

To boost the Kulturklik platform, the Basque Government has a budget of €300.000 per year
The budget distribution according to the services is:
- 250.000 € for provision of services (including 6 people fulltime working).
- 50.000 € for platform software maintenance

Evidence of success

The results achieved are the following:
• Some municipalities and one province administration linked with the Kulturklik cultural agenda by automatic feed
• Kulturklik has more than 3000 reliable sources to gather information. The most voluminous (15 of them) have automatic feed
• Website statistics of the 2019 year: 589.066 sessions, 405.561 users, 869.175 unique pageviews.

Difficulties encountered

Cooperation among agents from the creative and cultural industries, which include both public and private agents to feed the agenda in order to return the information provided by a web service.
Progressive integration of the creative sectors: Design and Videogames.

Potential for learning or transfer

Kulturklik is a good example of public resources made available to any public and private agents. It brings together all the full potential of promotion, creation, production and dissemination of Basque art, culture and creativity.

Likewise, Kulturklik has a clear linking and powerful driving force role for different kinds of agents, companies, citizens, public administrations, sectoral associations, of the cultural and creative ecosystem of the Basque Country.

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Main institution
Basque Government
País Vasco,
Start Date
March 2010
End Date


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