100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria is a national movement established in 1966 to promote tourism among Bulgaria's best cultural, historic, and and natural landmarks.
As part of this program, sites of cultural and historical significance have been selected, ranging from historic places and monuments to archaeological and architectural sanctuaries, museums, monasteries, as well as national parks, mountain peaks and other geological phenomena. Each of the chosen landmarks has its own individual seal, which is stamped onto pages of an official passport-like booklet issued by the Bulgarian Tourist Union (BTU). A booklet can be purchased at any tourist union center or on location at any of the sites and it costs a symbolic 1 lev. The booklet comes with a separate map which includes a list of the sites, their addresses and working hours. The maximum number of collectible stamps per booklet is 100 and, contrary to the movement's title, the exact number of official sites exceeds the number 100.
A reward scheme has been developed to encourage collection of as many stamps as possible. Depending on the number of stamps collected, participants may receive bronze, silver or gold badges. 25 stamps earn bronze, 50 stamps earn silver and 100 stamps (a complete booklet) earn gold. The National Organizational Committee of the Bulgarian Tourism Union holds an annual lottery for the previous year's badge earners every August. Prizes include domestic and overseas excursions, bicycles, tents, sleeping bags, and other travel-related items

Resources needed

The resources need for the best practice: funds for promotion, maps and booklet for collection of stamps, badges. The tourist sites, involved in the initiative pays an annual fee to the Bulgarian Tourism Union - BGN 100 (one hundred) for the maintenance and development of the Movement.

Evidence of success

Unfortunately, there is no statistic of how many people reached all the sites, but in recent years interest in it has increased significantly.
The Bulgarian Tourist Union (BTU) has a database for the people, who receive every year bronze, silver and gold badges. According to this the number of the tourists increase every year. For example for 2018 the tourist received golden badges are 306, silver - 50 and bronze 1320.

Difficulties encountered

There is an everincreasing demand from different tourist sites to join the list. It is necessary to revise the list of tourist objects regularly in order to include the most valuable ones. (renovated monasteries, monuments, restored old Thracian or Roman remaining, etc.)

Potential for learning or transfer

There are similar tourist sites in every country. Our example is a precondition for creating such movements in other European countries and beyond. A few years ago, the Ministry of Tourism had the idea to create a European Route of such sites and 100 Bulgarian National Sites to be part of this route. Such a route implies the extreme development of all types of tourism on the one hand, and on the other, the increase of the economic welfare of each country thanks to the sites visited.

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Main institution
Bulgarian Tourist Union
Северозападен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
June 1966
End Date


Good Practices being followed by

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Regional Government of Murcia

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