Grunneger Power is a local energy cooperative that has over 1000 members in the city of Groningen and neigboring villages, where it develops i.e. solar parks.
Grunneger Power develops energy projects in cooperation with the municipality of Groningen, whereby the municipality contributes financially (loan) or providing real estate (ground for rent). Furthermore, by making use of crowdfunding, financial loans of the bank and strategic marketing techniques Grunneger Power established several energy projects with regard to solar energy production or heat production.

The members of Grunneger Power are participating in the cooperative. Grunneger Power has established many projects in different sizes, all with the active involvement of citizitens of the local area. Furthermore, they inform (non) members actively on isolation, renewable energy production and energy efficiency. The involvement of these citizens lead to a high rate of social acceptance of the renewable energy projects they are developing.

Resources needed

At the start in 2011, Grunneger Power was established as an Cooperative Association, whereby the citizens were active members. The first financial investment of 200.000 Euro was pre-financed (loan) by the municipality of Groningen.

Evidence of success

Grunneger Power establised a solar park of 7.777 solar panels producing 2.300 MW energy, . The number of members increased to over a thousand and is increasing.

Potential for learning or transfer

The establishment of Grunneger Power led to a wave of awareness on energy production. The local citizens that grouped together to make a change in their neighbourhood had a place to go to and start a energy producing project or scale up their production. Because this close relationship with the citizens, the social acceptance of projects is high and the willingness to invest in more projects is present.
Main institution
Grunneger Power
Groningen, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
January 2011
End Date


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