Energie VanOns buys locally produced energy from local cooperatives and sells it to small end users.
Energie VanOns is a licensed energy supply company that buys and sells the locally produced energy cooperatives. A share of the income will return directly to the energy cooperative; therefore, creating more capital to invest in new projects. Over 100 energy cooperatives in the northern region of the Netherlands are a member via three overarching institutions, whereby Energie VanOns supports these local cooperatives on matters such as marketing and communication.

Resources needed

The starting capital, used for housing and personel, was € 400.000,-.

Evidence of success

The number of customers is growing twice as hard as estimated, since Energie VanOns is ranked as the greenest energy supplier of the Netherlands.

Potential for learning or transfer

By working together with local energy cooperatives the involvement of nationals is high. The establishment of a energy supply company that connects all these local initiatives is not very difficult (under Dutch law) and the opportunities to develop more projects in the region are growing due to the growing number of local energy cooperatives and customers.

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Main institution
Energie VanOns
Groningen, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
January 2014
End Date


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