Electric cars for municipal services
- Jelgava City Municipal Police purchased three electric cars and Jelgava City Municipality one electric car to replace their ordinary service cars. Electric cars were co-financed by the Latvian government through its climate change financial instrument that supports the introduction of new technologies, and from EU Structural Funds earmarked to the development of eco-friendly mobility.

- Municipal Police officers use electric vehicles to provide traffic monitoring, control compliance with local government regulations and work with minors. In turn, the municipal authority use electromobility for the daily inspection of the construction objects and city infrastructure under the authority of the institution and the authority drive about 50 kilometers a day with an electric car.

- Four industrially-produced Volkswagen e-up electric cars have been delivered to the municipality, which are already practically used in the daily work of the Municipal Police and Municipal Authority. The beneficiaries areJelgava City Municipality and Jelgava City Municipal Police and also city citizens.

Resources needed

The total cost of all four cars was ~ 100 000 EUR

Evidence of success

For 1 car these years, the CO2 reduction is 7,750,000 g, or 7.75 tons of CO2.
So for 4 cars these years the CO2 reduction is 31 ton.
The initial data is that the reduction is 155g per km and the mileage is currently around 50,000 km.

Difficulties encountered

Hight initial investments without financial support programmes

Potential for learning or transfer

In our good practice we can see, that if city municipality is using only 4 electric cars, than the reduction of CO2 is already big. And citizens also will consider to buy electric cars knowing the results of reduction of CO2 seeing the good practice of local municipality.

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Main institution
Zemgales Planning region
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
December 2014
End Date


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