STG is an educational project for the development of talent and the promotion of scientific – tec vocations aimed specifically for women.
Objectives:promoting STEM vocations among the female population, increasing the talent identification, involving companies and institutions in the development of talent and encouraging female entrepreneurship. Participants have the opportunity to develop a project in collaboration with a mentor. The mentors belong to companies or institutions that are looking for talent, so this opportunity brings the girl the chance to start and develop their own career, within the company or by their self. At the same time, W&T brings the girls the opportunity to share their concerns and dreams with the organization, mentoring and putting them in contact with professionals from the specific area involved in order to achieve success in their objectives. It’s important to underline that W&T is founded and supported by 5 family business which main values are: commitment, long-term view and sustainability. In Cantabria, STG works thanks to the W&T Association and the support of public institutions. Apart from that, without the collaboration of private companies in the community, it would not be possible to develop it. The only requirement to aply in the program is being a woman and being studying 3rd or 4th year of Compulsory Secondary Education. Once the period to apply is closed, at the end of October, we carried out the “Talent Search” to measure the students' abilities. From this moment the activities of the program begin:Masterclass, shadowing sessions, Technology Workshops, Events.

Resources needed

It will depend on factors related to the region where we are. It will be necessary to hire at least one person and, on the other hand, to have a space where to make the masterclass and collaborate with companies that carry out workshops in their facilities and provide mentors for the shadowing s.

Evidence of success

STG Cantabria program was presented to schools and media, for the first time, in November 2017. In its two first editions, more than 250 female students have taken the entrance exam, developed at the facilities of the University of Cantabria. Currently, there are 78 female students chosen between 13 and 17 years, belonging to 50 schools, public and private schools throughout Cantabria. During the first edition, the program had 30 students selected. 78 the second year. We currently have 115.

Potential for learning or transfer

It´s an easily reproducible program in other regions, and with great potential due to its continuity over time. It allows you to work, at the same time, with young female talents, local companies and public institutions. Concerning the public authorities, all of the institutions we have shown the program and the Association, do everything on their side to collaborate, by offering public spaces, diffusion, subsidies and show on. Today the gender gap is very present in national and regional policies, so proposing solutions that help the authorities to offer society evolution in this regard is always very welcome. The needs to carry it out are not high. Many STEM professional women want to be part of projects like this and are encouraged to be mentors, many companies will be interested in participating and conducting workshops with the students, and of course, many families will encourage their daughters to participate in the program. We can help you to implement the program.

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Main institution
Woman and Talent Association
Cantabria, Spain (España)
Start Date
November 2017
End Date


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