BuildinG is the independent knowledge and innovation platform for future-proof building in the north of the Netherlands.
Residents in northern Groningen are dealing with the consequences of earthquake damage. In the coming years, homes and buildings will be restored and strengthened for the future. The ambition is to make as many homes as possible more sustainable and life-proof. This generates jobs in the region. But: in order to be able to do this properly, innovation is needed in both products and involved processes. BuildinG has a crucial position in this and is the place for businesses and residents to work on these topics of the future.

In the longer term, BuildinG contributes to a new cluster of companies and (educational) institutions that will ensure high-quality knowledge, activity and employment.

BuildinG for entrepreneurs and governments
BuildinG provides easy-to-access test facilities, research guidance and demonstration options. For example, we have a unique vibrating plate that simulates earthquakes.

But at BuildinG more is possible:
• testing new products and techniques;
• guidance and assistance with certification;
• demonstrating innovations;
• free innovation advice via SME counter;
• sign up projects for monitoring;
• working with talented students;
• participate in innovation workshops around concrete construction tasks;
• meet potential business partners and fellow entrepreneurs;
• access to the last state of the technique.
BuildinG for students

Professor Ihsan Bal, his research team and students can be found in the BuildinG test hall

Resources needed

400k per year for personnel and test facilities. The aim is to obtain 50% of private funding of our total costs of 800k per year.

Evidence of success

• 20,000 visitors;
• 1500 professionals, 2500 students and 250 SMEs participating (once);
• 100 companies and clients participate with their own input;
The BuildinG Innovators NetworK currently has 42 organizations/members
See our report for more results

Difficulties encountered

Construction and infrastructure companies often have only small budgets for research and development. This creates long lead times when it comes to innovation projects.

Potential for learning or transfer

What differentiates us from other Innovation Hubs is that we connect inhabitants of the region to our projects.
"Residents, researchers and students, policy staff and entrepreneurs: these are diffuse target groups to serve. At BuildinG, all these people come together. BuildinG wants to be a connector and as a network organization has the goal of accelerating construction innovation and achieving an integrated approach."

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Main institution
Hanze University of Applied Sciences
Noord-Holland, Netherlands (Nederland)
Start Date
September 2017
End Date


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