Lack of coordination and communication among pubblic administrations and e-mobility stakeholders
E-HUB help-desk, developed in Italian and English languages, aims to coordinate from the transnational to the local level the knowledge and planning of Electric Charging Stations and e-mobility models trough a virtual and phisical Help-desk. It aims to: a) transfer the macro-regional policies, information and best practices to the local territories (Municipalities), b) transfer the local needs (function of territorial aggregator of Municipalities/Provinces), c) facilitate the participation of Local Authorities to Regional, National and European co-funded projects, d) implement actions for e-mobility promotion, increasing capacities of PAs and supporting them in the experimentation of new instruments and solutions in cooperation with the territorial stakeholders and business sector. Instruments: 1) e-HUB virtual help-desk based on website platform; 2) internal working space (repository); 3) networking platform for stakeholders (communication); 4) Workshops and bilateral meetings; 5) Evaluation Questionnaires and interviews. E-HUB is a pilot activity of the project e-MOTICON (Alpine Space 2014-2020) Province of Brescia, coordinated this pilot activities and the implementation of 8 e-Hubs in different Alpine Space Regions.
Stakeholders: public administrations (regional and local), service and energy providers, utilities, mobility agencies, LPT agencies, end-users.

Resources needed


Evidence of success

8 e-HUB help-desk set-up and implemented, 1 per e-MOTICON partner (Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Germany); more than 45 local and regional workshops/ bilateral meetings with stakeholders were organized; Increased exchange of experiences, stakeholder needs and expectations collected and cooperation among Public Administrations, investors and e-mobility end-users (not quantifiable). On Brescia e-HUB more than 15 documents uploaded (strategies, regulation, case studies, templates, newsletters).

Difficulties encountered

e-HUB help-desk needs to be constantly updated (i.e. new initiatives, new regulations…) by the Public Authority. This is simple issue but fundamental for the real-time services and support for citizens and e-mobility users.

Potential for learning or transfer

Easy transferability to other EU context, above all for Public Authorities (from National to Local level), since, as per Province of Brescia, they can focus and promote on e-mobility issues by implementing a simple webpage and create e-mobility virtual helpdesk, constantly updated and shared through social media. The virtual helpdesk must be strictly connected to physical meetings and activities.However, above all in this new pandemic era, it could be an efficient reference and user-friendly instrument for e-mobility and Alternative fuel public and private stakeholders. . Ease of Implementation: Easy;Impact: high;Benefit-cost ratio: very high.This prioritization was used for all Good Practices of E-MOPOLI, more info in Source Book available here:
Main institution
Province of Brescia
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
July 2017
End Date


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