Lack of information for all stakeholders in the field of e-mobility
Metropolitan Chart of Electric Mobility: starting from the local administration needs and the best practices implemented by the Municipality of Milan and other Italian cities, a document of intent was defined and delivered to the local administrations (Municipalities, Associations of Municipalities, Provinces) with the aim of providing the necessary technical and administrative information to implement policies to promote electric mobility. Metropolitan Chart principles: 1- Promote the development of a public access charging network; 2- Promote the charging services for e-vehicles in residential and corporate buildings; 3- Boost the sharing e-mobility model (i.e. car pooling and car sharing) in private and public companies; 4- Diffuse e-mobility in Last mile logistics, company fleets, and Local Public Transports (i.e e-buses). The metropolitan chart is annually updated and presented during E-MOB event. In 2018 were produced a a Vademecum for e-vehicles owners and users and Guidelines for Lombardy Region Municipality that want to pormote e-mobility. Vademecum and Guidelines were presented during e-MOB 2018.
E-MOB event (2017-2018): the Italian national conference on electric mobility organized by Lombardy Region for local authorities with the aim of promoting e-mobility and the metropolitan chart of electric mobility.
Target: municipalities, provinces, service and energy providers, utilities, mobility agencies, LPT agencies, e-mobility users

Resources needed


Evidence of success

In February 2019, Lombardy Region involved 525 Italian Local authorities and obtained the official adhesion of 117 Municipalities

Difficulties encountered

no limitations

Potential for learning or transfer

ease of Implementation: very Easy
Impact: somewhat high
Benefit-cost ratio: very high
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Main institution
Lombardy region
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
January 2016
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