Lack of coordination among different stakeholders in the field of e-mobility
A round table inside the regional body created to involve and coordinate the various Regional Departments and Directorates, the Presidency, the pararegional authorities (Finlombarda and Infrastrutture Lombarde), the stakeholders and the research groups towards integrated actions to support electric mobility: action devoted to improve governance.
The working table ended in 2018. Lombardy Region is now creating a new working table for sustainable mobility with the involvement of many departments of the Regional Authority (Energy, Environment, …)
Stakeholders: Target: municipalities, provinces, service and energy providers, utilities, mobility agencies, LPT agencies.

Resources needed

The Working group has n. 15 members. it is not possible to quantify FTE.

Evidence of success

-It is a Governance instrument through which Lombardy apply and outspread the implementation document of the regional e-mobility strategy.
-it is an operational link and coordinator among Institutional Bodies (Ministry Transport, departments of Lombardy Region, among Regions and local PAs), stakeholders and operators of the supply chain working groups to continuously update and implement e-mobility strategy, following the quadruple-helix approach(Government, Business, Research,civil society

Difficulties encountered

no limitations

Potential for learning or transfer

The MEL is an integrated governance instrument and model that could be easily set-up with no additional costs (only staff costs) for Public Administrations at each Regional level (in Italy and abroad) and replicable on local and national level. Moreover, it could also be applied to other thematic fields (Environment, Energy, etc..). Here, the transferability evaluation through 3 parameters: Ease of Implementation: somewhat easy; Impact: somewhat high; Benefit-cost ratio: very high. This prioritization was used for all Good Practices of E-MOPOLI, more info in Source Book available here:

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Main institution
Lombardy region
Lombardia, Italy (Italia)
Start Date
December 2015
End Date
December 2018


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