Lack of capacities and awareness of Public Administrations
Within the "CReIAMO PA Project" skills and networks for environmental integration and for the improvement of public administration organizations funded by National Operational Program Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014-2020, the Province of Brescia actively participates in the Technical Working Table on " Mobility Management ", promoted by the Ministry of the Environment (MATTM), involving representatives of Local Authorities, Regions, Central Administrations, Research Institutions and Associations. It aims to define a planning and practical document on the "Mobility Management" which will be presented in occasion of the National Conference that takes place in November 2018. Stakeholders: Public Administrations employees

Resources needed

It is not possible to identify human resources for this GP. 1 employee for Province of Brescia attneding project events and technical working table.

Evidence of success

Increased awareness, capacity and skills of Public administrations technichians and employees in the field of sustainable mobility. The process started in 2018 and still on-going, so it is difficult to collect effective results.

Difficulties encountered

No limitations

Potential for learning or transfer

ease of Implementation: Easy
Impact: high
Benefit-cost ratio: very high
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Main institution
Province of Brescia
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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