Lack of charging infrastructure
Lombardy Region call for co-funding (PNIRE) for the installation of charging infrastructures for electric vehicles in order to face the limited availability of charging stations in the Region. Financial resources comes from Ministry of Transport that, thanks to an official agreeement based on innovative and sustainable projects on e-mobility infrastructure promoted by Lombardy Region, transfers the funds to Lombardy Region. The Province of Brescia, Lead Partner of the project "Ricarica Valli Bresciane", has planned with its 11 municipalities the installation of a network of charging stations for electric vehicles consisting of: 12 columns normal power (22kW) and 2 columns high power (50 kW) Total budget: around € 400.000. The total budget includes: executive project of all columns, Provincial plan of charging spots installations, purchase, construction works and installation of all columns and communication campaign on provincial and local level.
Due to bureaucracy reasons, the project is now (2019) confirmed and funds are going to be transferred from the Region to the Province of Brescia after and official agreement with Lombardy Region.
Stakeholders: public administrations that want to install charging infrastructures

Resources needed

400.000 €

Evidence of success

Installation of n. 14 charging stations with Public access.

Difficulties encountered

The project is on going and infrastructures are not yet installed. Long procedures for the validation of project and confirmation of co-financing, bureaucracy from Ministry of Transport promoter of the call for funding together with Lombardy Region.

Potential for learning or transfer

ease of Implementation: neither difficult/easy
Impact: somewhat high
Benefit-cost ratio: somewhat high
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Main institution
Province of Brescia
Start Date
December 2015
End Date


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