ICRB – Moscow provides international partnerships and thus facilitating and bringing closer the commercial activities of Bulgarian SMEs on Russian market.
ICRB – Moscow is a structure, governed by the Ministry of Economy. It is part of the work zone of the Republic of Bulgaria’s embassy in Russia. The center assists and supports the Ministry in carrying out the country’s policies with the focus to extend the economic, trade and technical relations between Bulgaria and Russia. The main goals are to promote the Bulgarian business presence on Russian market, increase of export, development of economic relationship on federal and regional level.
The ICRB-Moscow:
•Develops, maintains and provides current information for the economic opportunities and export potential, and the conditions to carry out business in the Russian Federation;
•Supports Bulgarian legal and physical entities to export produce and services on the Russian market;
•Provides information, assists in establishment of business contacts, organizes meetings, fairs, business missions, business forums, presentations and other events;
•Provides for use, different premises and housing as well as provides services that create the necessary conditions for the successful carrying out of activities for Bulgarian legal and physical entities and their consortiums on the Russian market;
•Provides contacts to the public administration, the NGOs and business environment of Bulgaria and Russia for questions, connected to the activities implemented.
Some of the key partners are 15 Russian regions, 33 Russian regioanl business support organizations.

Resources needed

The cost of the practice has been estimated on yearly basis since 1986 and varies in accordance with the planned budget for the center. The average budgeted amount per year is 570,000 EURO. The required human resources for running of the GP are 11 people.

Evidence of success

The quantitative indicators which measure the success of the GP are:
- organization of 19 business missions in Russia for the period 2013-2017;
- support in national representation in more than 57 international exhibitions and promotional events for the last 5 years;
- organization of more than 750 B2B meetings for the last 5 years;
- elaboration of more than 80 product-oriented market research and analysis;
- establishment of more than 64 successful partnerships for the last 10 years.

Potential for learning or transfer

This Good Practice presents an approach of esatblishment of a supporting infrastrucure on a specific external market which could provide internationalisation support to SMEs through various tools - organization of events, trade missions, exhibitions, presentations, etc.

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Main institution
Ministry of Economy
Северен централен, Bulgaria (България)
Start Date
January 1985
End Date


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