The practice refers to replacing outdated lighting bulbs with efficient LED lamps and a Remote Control and Supervision System for the Municipality of Patras.
The existent lighting bulbs used in the Municipality of Patras were energy-intensive, demanded a high maintenance and replacement cost and offered a relatively short lifetime. Extensive damage was already apparent and alongside with the lack of spare parts and materials, the delays in detecting and diagnosing malfunctions and the high cost of electricity (>2.5M €/year), it was deemed necessary to adopt a practice that would provide beneficial results for the sustainability of the environment, targeted at reducing energy consumptions and decreasing the outgoing emissions

By replacing the conventional lighting bulbs with cost-effective LED lamps, we can achieve the aforementioned goals, since LED lamps have 10 times longer lifetime that conventional lamps and offer increased durability. Furthermore, a remote control and networking system was installed.

This infrastructure enables immediate functionality monitoring and malfunction alerts, monitoring of guarantees and suppliers, more efficient touch-extinguishing adjustment for energy saving, frequency of failures, LED brightness adjustment, electricity consumption and damage recovery times. The system uses modern low power communication technologies and is ably to support both old and new installations. It has a low cost of use and ownership of infrastructure, provides free virtual server hosting on G-Cloud and can be extended to connect with other external systems and integrate equipment from different suppliers.

Resources needed

The installation required: 236 LEDs suitable for Aerial Mounting, 2 gateways for wireless communication, 5 gateways for PLC wired communication, 70 Lighting Controllers with PLC, 5 Local Lighting Controllers and a Central Lighting Management System. The total cost was approximately 300.000 €.

Evidence of success

The implemented LED lamps and the remote control system have been efficiently operating since their installation. The replacement of the existing lamps with low power LED lighting offers a guaranteed operational time of 80.000 hours/10 years with an amortization of investment equal to 5 years.

Difficulties encountered

Operating this remote control system was not easy, as the problems were many. Initially, the extensive damage and deterioration, as well as the need to replace the lamps, made it difficult to operate the system. Interventions in networks and infrastructures also had to be done, and vandalism and the

Potential for learning or transfer

The proposed GPP practice is easily transferable to other organisations and has a big potential for transfer and learning. Needs addressed are common among sectors, organisations and different regions/countries. The organizational resistance risk is predicted to be extremely low, due to the vast majority of benefits offered by this best practice and the very common need of LED lighting in street lighting and a system that reveals frequency of failures, electricity consumption and damage recovery times.

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Main institution
Region of Western Greece
Δυτική Ελλάδα, Greece (Ελλαδα)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date


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