Financial support for the purchase of cargo bicycles
In 2016, the district of Grafschaft Bentheim decided to further develop the bicycle-friendly district of Grafschaft Bentheim by adopting the new bicycle traffic concept as a continuation of the previous bicycle concept. “The Grafschafter Lastenrad” is anchored here as a focal point for action with the aim of drawing the attention of employers and employees to the possibilities of transport with bicycles and to establish this even more strongly. In addition to businesses, kindergardens, parishes, neighborhoods, etc. can also apply for funding. This is intended to make load wheels more present in the district as a transport alternative.
The district of Grafschaft Bentheim supports the purchase of load bikes with a fixed amount of 500 Euro. The prerequisite for the Recipient is, among other things, that the bicycle is operated for at least four years and that it is used in the commercial sector. The purchase of load likes is intended to integrate the bicycle, which is already firmly anchored in everyday life, into everyday working life and thus make Grafschaft Bentheim even more bicycle-friendly.

Resources needed

5.000 € per year. The district currently promotes up to ten load bicycles per year with a subsidy of 500 € per bicycle.

Evidence of success

Since the introduction of the subsidy, around eight bicycles have been subsidised each year for a wide variety of areas, including craft and agricultural enterprises, for example.

Difficulties encountered

In practice, there are almost no problems with implementation. Since this is exclusively a matter of promoting commercial take-over mobility, care was taken to ensure that no private use was pursued with the acquisition.

Potential for learning or transfer

- Is already adapted by other municipalities in the immediate vicinity.
- Simple tool to reduce short distances in the field of commercial mobility.
- Relatively low financial expense.
- Fast implementation possible.

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Main institution
Landkreis Grafschaft Bentheim
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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