“Gorenjska Electro Trip” enables and promotes a green way to travel and discover the beauties of the Gorenjska region.
With the project Gorenjska Electro-Trip, the first connected route for electric vehicles is established. Visiting natural attractions and rural tourist destinations in Gorenjska region is now possible in an environmentally friendly way. Within the project, 5 charging stations are placed on the rout which links the natural and cultural attractions of Gorenjska region. Charging stations are intended to supply electric vehicles and they represent one of the incentives for “local green mobility”. On the route for travelling with the electric vehicles is located 5 charging stations: Jezersko, Preddvor, Bled, Bohinj and Kranjska Gora. Network of charging stations allows visiting all region of Gorenjska and allows connection to Italy (via Rateče) and Austria (via Gorenjska). Each of the charging stations has one triple-phase plug (3x16A) for larger vehicles and two one-phase plugs (16A) for smaller vehicles. Charging stations enable charging also for electric bikes and electric scooters. Within the project a promotional event was organized in which electric cars drove along ‘’Gorenjska electric route”, stopping at each of 5 new stations, so that local people could learn more about electric vehicles and functioning of charging stations. That was very attractive for medias, as this was the first real demonstration how electric mobility functions in practice. In that moment Gorenjska region was leading region in Slovenia by the number of charging stations.

Resources needed

Project was selected at the 2010 call of Local Action Group Gorenjska Košarica within the LEADER axis of the Rural Dev. Progr.2007-2013 and was co-funded by The European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development; total value of the project was 50.500 EUR, of which 60 % financed by LEADER, 40% by part.

Evidence of success

First 5 new charging stations for e-vehicles presenting the first complete and interconnected route for e-vehicles in Slovenia and in Gorenjska region (now 8 ch. st.). 1 interactive map of Gorenjska Elektro Route: http://www.elektro-gorenjska.si/distribucijsko-omrezje/mreza-elektricnih-polnilnih-postaj, 4000 cop. of promotional brochure in Slovene, English and German lang., intensive media campaign: 20 articles, several workshops and events.

Difficulties encountered

E-mobility still needs constant learning and promot. activities, as there are lots of correct and incorrect stereotypes. Many people, SMEs, tourism boards and also local communities came in very concrete (and sometimes first) contact with e-mobility. This allowed them to start with this new topic.

Potential for learning or transfer

Partnership cooperation (companies, local communities, NGOs, etc.) is very important, as electric mobility is still new sector and needs interdisciplinary know-how and approaches. Elektro Gorenjska got practical experiences and sample documentation for further planning and installing electro mobility infrastructure (especially charging stations).
Presentation of e-mobility to the people needs to be right mixture between attractive sensation and ‘’boring’’ practical learning, in order to both get attention of people, but still allow rational learning about it.
E.g. Presence of 200.000 euros worth Tesla car was very attractive for participants and medias during promotional event, but on the other hand took too much attention which could be used for practical learning about e-mobility.
Promotional movie available on YouTube:
Main institution
Elektro Gorenjska d.d., Centre for sustainable rural development Kranj, Just EE d.o.o., municipalities Jezersko, Preddvor, Bled, Bohinj, Kranjska Gora
Vzhodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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