The project involves the construction of 2 passive demonstration facilities at Primary School No. 1 in the Sulejów Community: swimming pool and sports hall.
The main goal of the investment is "Improving the air quality and promoting environmentally friendly attitudes, through the implementation of a passive structure - construction of demonstration buildings: the swimming pool and sports hall in Sulejów."
The result of the project will be the use of modern solutions in public buildings that use renewable sources of heat and electricity, which will contribute to increasing energy efficiency and reducing the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere in the Sulejów Community. The implementation of the project will promote the efficient use and saving of energy resources in the Lodzkie Region. The effects of the project will also improve the health and living conditions of the inhabitants of the Sulejów Community.
Some of the parameters that make the investment outstanding:
− Improving energy efficiency in the community;
− Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions;
− The use of renewable energy sources - heat pumps;
− Improving the quality of life of residents;
− Promoting pro-ecological attitudes and passive construction;
− Providing access to science, sport and recreation as well as learning space;
− Lowering the level of operating costs;
− Improving aesthetics in public space;
− The project uses the concept of “universal design”, the building will be adapted for the disabled people.

Resources needed

Project value: 14 625 355,95 PLN (app. 3.5 mln EUR), ERDF co-financing: 55%, Regional Operational Programme for the Lodzkie Region for the years 2014-2020, Priority Axis IV: The Low-carbon Economy, Activity 4.3: The Air Protection.

Evidence of success

This is an innovative investment - the first passive swimming pool in Poland (moreover provided by a small community). In addition, the technical specification of the investment met the EC recommendations for GPP, regarding the design and construction of office buildings and their management in the scope of criterion B1 - minimum requirements in the field of energy performance (European Commission 2016c) (the GPP announcement related to this procurement was published in XI 2019).

Difficulties encountered

Achieving the estimated annual reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in the sport hall: 46.04, in the swimming pool: 23.75 tonnes of CO2 equivalent/year, in total: tonnes CO2 equivalent/year: 69.79.

Potential for learning or transfer

As it was small Community, that provided the the investment for the procurement of the first passive facility like this in Poland, this good practice shows, that any organisation, even the smallest, can successfully implement a large-scale pro-ecological project, for the benefit of local communities and better living conditions.

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Main institution
The City of Sulejów
Łódzkie, Poland (Polska)
Start Date
December 2019
End Date


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