The Public Private Innovation Pool (PPI Pool) is a pool of funds dedicated to commercialisation of public-private innovation.
The Good Practice is included in the project 'Clusterix 2.0 - New Models of Innovation for Strategic Cluster Partnerships' as it features a new model of innovation that can be used strategically by clusters in collaboration with enterprises and public institutions. The pool easens accessibility for small companies to work with public institutions and getting financing from the ERDF at the same time.
The Region of Southern Denmark set up the PPI Pool to support products or solutions in the phase of test and development in close collaboration between private companies and the public sector. Many companies have constraints when they have developed a prototype and wish to introduce new products or solutions onto the market without having worked together with public institutions. The PPI Pool is a Good Practice as it helps small companies to overcome initial challenges. The administration is run by the Region to ease the companies' burden. The spearhead clusters of the region have an active role in guiding companies to make use of the Pool.
The first pool was set up in 2012-2015. On the basis of a positive assessment the Region set up another pool of 3.8 MEUR for 2015-2017 - (last call for applications i 2018). In the present period, the University of Southern Denmark has to be a partner in each PPI project to ensure the transfer of knowledge from a research institution and SMEs.

Resources needed

From 2012-2015 the Pool funded 30 projects by a total of 3.8 MEUR.

Evidence of success

Of the 30 projects 24 were on Health and Social Care Innovation and 6 on Energy Efficient technologies. A midpoint assessment from 2013 stated that the companies have come closer to the market and fulfilled their goals.

Difficulties encountered

The number of applicants has been limited in other RIS3 areas than Health and Social Care Technologies and Energy Efficient Technologies. The Pool is attractive to companies producing products and solutions to the public market. It is therefore recommended to address the PPI Pool to these areas.

Potential for learning or transfer

The PPI pool has shown good results. The GP is an example of public-private cooperation, which ideally provides benefits to both parties. The public party gets new solutions that address the sector's challenges and can lead to increased productivities and / or increased quality. The private party is able to develop, test and validate new products and solutions that can subsequently be marketed broadly / globally.

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Main institution
Growth Forum Syddanmark
Syddanmark, Denmark (Danmark)
Start Date
June 2012
End Date


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