www.granadaempresas.es is a Web Platform which allows the access of tools and resources to assist all stages of creation and consolidation of new SMEs.
The province of Granada is characterised by having a low level of entrepreneurial culture as well as a poor survival rate for start-ups. Furthermore, its territory covers 174 municipalities and more than 30 local entities. There are 912.075 inhabitants in 2018 and nearly 78% of the municipalities have less than 5.000 inhabitants. www.granadaempresas.es was created as a response to the growing need to articulate specific actions in promotion of entrepreneurial culture, to support the creation of new companies and the consolidation of existing entrepreneurial initiatives in a rural area. That way, the Service for Promotion and Consolidation of Enterprises of the County Council of Granada offers its services to all local entities in the province in order to provide them the technological and technical infrastructure to answer to the needs and demands of entrepreneurs and enterprises in our province.
This Service of Enterprises provides to each City Hall a Web Platform which can be linked to the City Hall web, in order to allow the access and utilisation of tools and resources to assist technically all stages of creation and consolidation of new companies.
This technology platform offers two possibilities to City Halls in relation to the way that Granada County Council can provide them technical assistance: either it is provided directly to entrepreneurs and enterprises or it is directed to the staff designated by the entity for assisting business projects in their territory.

Resources needed

The resources used have been:
- Economic resources: A total investment is estimated in the platform since 2010 of 100.000 €, including the platform’s design and programming, various extensions, modifications and renewals thereof as well as all resources and content including: tools, guides , etc.

Evidence of success

www.granadaempresas.es which was launched in September 2010, has more than 6.000 users registered and 3037 business projects (2.316 business ideas and 604 enterprises). The Granada Empresas community on social networks (Facebook fans, Twitter followers, Linkedin contacts) represents 12.500 users. Currently the staff of the provincial Council of Granada has advised in a customized manner to more than 600 business projects through the platform. And the platform has exceeded 1.900.000 page views.

Difficulties encountered

The barriers encountered in the province of Granada regarding our
platform consisted in the elimination of the figure of the local agents of
promotion of employment. This difficulty has been solved offering the possibility of assisting directly local entrepreneurs by our team of technicians.

Potential for learning or transfer

The key aspects of www.granadaempresas.es to emphasize are:
- Innovative elements: the innovation of this initiative is due to, on the one hand, by the process, because there is no other web platform that offers many services and tools such as those offered by www.granadaempresas.es and, on the other hand, by the context because the platform sets a new system of work in a network among entrepreneurs, companies and municipalities of Granada which is a province with great territorial imbalances, geographical diversity and a rural character.
- Sustainability of the initiative: the impact of the initiative and the great reception given among entrepreneurs and companies of Granada has facilitated the project, which was designed in the framework of a European project (Local and Urban Development Project with ERDF Funds of the 2007-2013 programming period) which has finished in December 2012 It has become one of the main activity provided from the provincial Service of Enterprises.

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