Dynamic public lighting to increase energy efficiency and quality of life.
Within the Dynamic Light project, an investment in dynamic and smart lighting was made at lake Planšarsko jezero, tourist area in Jezersko, which is the highest and smallest municipality in Gorenjska region. It is a protected area and the shapes of lamps and poles had to be adapted to the requirements of the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia (state regulator in the subject area).
Lights were set up on a road section and cross-country skiing track parallel to the road section. Upgraded lighting incorporates a system for controlling illumination of the road section and separately reflector lighting of the ski tracks. The reflector lighting is placed on separate cantilever mounts that are mounted on existing poles. Cantilever brackets with reflectors are placed where they are needed and, after activating the power supply, adjusted according to the desired settings - autonomously connected to sensors and control modules and regulate sector-specific lamps.
The road section is illuminated during traffic; during the absence of traffic the light is limited to 10-20%. After 23:00, the lighting switches off until the next cycle. Recreational cross-country skiing is illuminated only in winter at locations along the road section. Lighting is working only from the beginning of sunset until 23:00, when all activities on ski tracks are completed. Lighting is regulated between 20% in a time without movement and 70% during motion detection on illuminated surfaces

Resources needed

35.000 EUR
- 13 LED lamps with integrated sensors and controllers
- 7 reflectors for cross-country skiing

Evidence of success

Acceptance of dynamic lighting by stakeholders and users.
Contribution to lowering of costs of local communities for lighting (electricity costs) and reduction of the lighting pollution.
Total power consumption: 76 W
Annual operation: 3.800 h
Electricity consumption: 4.332 kWh
Savings: Power regulation with regulation of luminous flux based on traffic intensity and operation time: 45%
- Electricity consumption: 2.383 kWh
- Electricity consumption: 224,18 EUR

Difficulties encountered

- Instructions by the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage
- Wishes of municipality
- Municipal ordinances and documents regarding public lighting
- Regulation on limit values for light pollution
- Selection of innovative solutions on market
- "Sports and recreational track" aspect

Potential for learning or transfer

This investment shows the way to further improvement of public lightning in other regions and contribute to the positive image of dynamic lighting. Pilot project is designed from a set of technologies that can be integrated into existing public lighting infrastructure systems without reprocessing public lighting elements.
Process of implementation:
- Analysis of the current situation in smart lighting in the municipality
- Pilot area needs analysis
- Smart lighting test; Calculations and simulations prepared
- A questionnaire / survey among users on social needs, security
- Preparation of smart lighting strategy and action plan in pilot municipality
- Prepare a plan for an intelligent lighting concept that is prepared in accordance with national and EU legislation and the requirements of the client and end users
- field inspection and coordinating the locations of the lamps

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Main institution
Municipality of Jezersko
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
June 2016
End Date
May 2019


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