Acceleration program for 6 projects in development phase proposed by ID Campus , a partner of the Creative Hub of Liege (Plug-R).
By fostering the competences of the entrepreneurs the goals of this program are to find new development opportunities, design a new product/service, accelerate an existing project, stimulate creativity, discover a new way of working thanks to design thinking, creative methodologies, user-centric approaches and empathy.
By offering six sessions of coaching the different entrepreneurs can challenge their ideas from the beginning of the project. In practice, 6 sessions of coaching are offered and during the last session, the entrepreneurs have the possibility to pitch their project in front of different partners of the Creative Hub ofde Liege (investors, business coaches, enterprises,…) in order to have a quick feedback on their ideas.

By activating these 3 principles, ID Campus helps the entrepreneurs to move forward with their projects:

1. Making people feel comfortable : the group and diversity are the driving forces behind learning. They promote collective intelligence and encourage multidisciplinary, hybridization and cross-fertilization.
2. The process and methodology : They develop, test and validate their own tools and methods.
3. Putting them in an active position : they think the best way to learn is to do it. This is why they encourage simulation, experimentation and feedback.

Resources needed

2 coaches trained in creativity, innovation and facilitation (HR costs) – ERDF funded.
A conference room to hold the workshops
A network of partners for the pitch session

Evidence of success

The second edition was launched in 2019
8 projects accompanied in total
Positive feedback from the entrepreneurs :
- The coaches have large skills in terms of creativity, design thinking and innovation.
- One of the added-value of this program is the cross-collaboration between the projects coached. Different sectors are selected to be part of the program to enrich the process.

Difficulties encountered

Recruiting projects that are willing to challenge themselves (and not just confirm their hypothesis).
Each project owner must be supported by one other person (not necessarily involved in the project but willing to help the project owner) : hard for the project owner to find someone committed.

Potential for learning or transfer

This program could be easily transferred to other regions as not many resources are required.
In a short-period of time the impact is high as the competences of entrepreneurs are fostered and that they could directly understand if their projects are valuable. They get to meet their target audience and really focus on their needs, instead of developing a project that is not linked to customer needs.
Main institution
ID Campus
Prov. Liège, Belgium (Belgique-België)
Start Date
January 2019
End Date


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