Establishment of the Working Group among the stakeholders with aim to cooperate on preparation of De minimis Cluster Support Scheme.
On 25 May 2017, representatives of Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency, Ministry of Economy, the Union of Slovak Clusters and participating clusters met in Bratislava to set up a "cluster (stakeholder) working group - CWG" of the ClusterFY project.
The main aim was to support the knowledge transfer and cluster internationalization via study visits of high developed clusters in the project partner countries.
Other very important goal was to achieve the policy improvement. The CWG was composed of the most advanced clusters, umbrella organization for clusters in Slovakia and Ministry of Economy, directly responsible for cluster policies.
Since establishment, every year at least 2 meetings were held, while in 2019 during the most intense work on a policy improvement 4 meetings were held within SIEA.
Meetings were facilitated by SIEA staff with several various goals, e.g. develop a template for cluster strategy (mandatory part of a prepared call within improved policy), identification of performance indicators to be used in the call, identification of basic principles for participating at the call etc.
Last but not least Action Plan was presented and discussed during the meetings in 2.H 2019.
As a key principle during those meetings were open and participative discussion among all stakeholders leading to major improvement in the policy.

Resources needed

Internal SIEA budget to provide small refreshments during the meetings (app. 40 € per meeting) and ClusterFY staff costs (participants from SIEA);

Evidence of success

- Action Plan endorsed by Ministry of Economy and fully accepted by Union of Clusters of Slovakia (umbrella organization)
- Cluster Strategy template commonly developed and agreed to be used within the requirements of the Call published in 2020
- New Cluster Support Scheme published in the 1.Q 2020

Difficulties encountered

Main challenge was to overcome the stereotype of policy makers deciding without listening to "beneficiaries" of the policies. The format of Cluster Working Group where major stakeholders were willing to participate, discuss, listening and understanding each other was instrumental for this.

Potential for learning or transfer

Create communication platform between various parties - clusters, ministries, agencies, SMEs and other entities, with well defined goals, rules, facilitation is a way how to improve the policies that will be fully reflecting the needs of beneficiaries. Very important in this context is to define this platform as a long-term initiative and fully commit to organize events by facilitator - SIEA.

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