Within the framework of REMOURBAN project, Valladolid has increased the number of electric vehicles, mainly in last mile sector and other services sectors
The incentives for e-mobility has been deployed through contracting services with the final users regarding the data transfer on the use of electro-mobility. The goal of this contracting services is the monitoring and user experience in electric mobility
It is based on 2 pillars:
The 1st pillar: It is developed through a continuous monitoring program. The data of electric vehicles and recharging facilities will be analyzed and interpreted.
The 2nd one, it is developed through the user's experience, with proposals for improvement, with promotion and dissemination. Through this experience, it is about generating business models and sustainable patterns for the city.
With this contract, the data of the e-vehicles and recharging points are REMUNERATED, as well as other information provided: proposals for the improvement of mobility. The participation in the dissemination and communication actions is also remunerated.
Last mile companies, taxi sector and other services company are the main beneficiaries of this contracting service
The contracting service has been divided in two lots:
Lot I: Auto-taxi, Last-Mile delivery fleets and commercial companies that purchased an Electric Vehicle
Lot II: Hotels, department stores, supermarkets and service stations or gas stations that installed a charging point infrastructure for their clients.

Resources needed

According to the bidding budget the Council could reach:
• 45 minimum contracts for lot I with a maximum amount of € 8,350 per contract
• 20 minimum contracts for lot II with a maximum amount of € 1,500 per contract
This amount of funding was covered by financing sources from REMOURBAN project.

Evidence of success

45 EVs and 22 Charging points has been reached directly
As indirectly promoted the numbers of EV in the city has been increased (350 e-vehicles, 25% more than the previous year)
This public procurement has been warmly praised and welcome by many institutions that promote electric mobility. It is an innovative proposal for encouraging these new ways of traveling.
Due to the success of previous calls, the municipality has launched a new call, in this case with 100% owned funds

Difficulties encountered

- Local communication is vital
- A necessary pedagogy work to have a better understanding of these technologies and particularly in the taxi sector.
- Institutional support, not just financial but regulatory rules.
- Importance of DATA and ICT: all the data is gathered in an IT Platform

Potential for learning or transfer

-Several institutions has reached us requesting specific information about this initiative
- This initiative has been considered as GP within the REMOURBAN project
- In our second call, Valladolid City Council has demonstrated that it can be deployed without external financing due to the results obtained
- The information obtained in the monitoring is integrated in a platform whose purpose is the development of an INTEGRATED STRATEGY based on sustainable models of growth in the city.
- This kind of tendering process is 100% replicable to other cities always taking into account the necessary involvement of citizens

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Main institution
Ayuntamiento de Valladolid
Castilla y León,
Start Date
September 2017
End Date


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