A novel tool to foster the development of the Galician economy by promoting among companies the systematic use of design as a driver of innovation.
Design is a key activity to introduce ideas into the market in the form of more appealing products and services that are easier to handle. However, and despite the European statistics that show that those companies which incorporate design into their business strategy grow twice as much as the rest, it is noted that in Galicia there is a lack of design recognition as a strategic factor capable of fostering innovation and competitiveness of companies at a global level.
The main objectives of this program consist of highlight the need to improve, both in companies and institutions, the knowledge and consideration of design as a driver of innovation. To achieve this objective, the program is developed in different strategy lines aimed at establishing a network of design agents, promoting and highlighting the best design practice, facilitating contact between designer and companies, introducing training, advising and mentoring actions with regard to design for companies and entrepreneurs and establishing an aid map for design projects in the companies.
The program Design for Innovation 2020 aims at involving all the Galicia Design Ecosystem agents.

Resources needed

The programme has an expected duration of 3 years (ends at 2020) and is financed with GAIN own funds. Since 2018, have been invested 500,000 euros. Within the GAIN staff, a 4 person team is directly involved with the occasional support of 3 more people.

Evidence of success

Collaboration actions have been reinforced with 14 business clusters and 9 design entities to organize events and actions to encourage design as an innovation key factor. Since 2018 more than 800 people have attended the 7 different design dissemination events performed. 50 design companies registered in the “Galicia map of design suppliers “.70 companies and more than 30 designers have been promoted through the book "Success cases of Design in Galicia”. (June 2019).

Difficulties encountered

Problems due to some designers were focused on design as an artistic activity, misunderstanding the real necessities of their client company.
Resistance from companies that believe only in technology as a source of innovation and they underestimate the value of user-oriented design.

Potential for learning or transfer

The program Design for Innovation 2020 is inspired by the Report and Recommendations of the European Design Leadership Board published under the title “Design for Growth and Prosperity” (2012) and was adapted to one of the priorities within the challenges proposed by RIS3 of Galicia where design is pointed as a factor of innovation and distinction.
The activity of creative and design companies has been revitalized and actions are being promoted to enhance their potential and outline their capacities by the Galicia Design Awards.
It is a comprehensive programme of design promotion for SME competitiveness as well as innovation tool in other sectors. Under his influence, the Galicia government will establish new lines of support to pilot projects related to the design in the improvement or development of new products, processes and services.
One of our project partners is interested in D4I 2020 and trying to implement its elements as part of their action plans.

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