The Waste Management Plant in Koshi receives all the municipal waste from the Districts of Larnaka, Ammochostos and Nicosia and aims to avoid illegal dumping.
The Integrated Waste Management Plant (IWMP) in Koshi started operation in 2010 and was designed to receive all the municipal waste from the Districts of Larnaka and Ammochostos. It aimed to harmonize the waste management practices of the Republic of Cyprus with the EU relevant regulations (Cyprus became full member of EU on 2004). The Plant should accept 3 type of waste:
- Mixed municipal solid waste (MSW)
- Domestic bulky waste
- Green waste
In the IWMP the mixed municipal waste goes through mechanical sorting aimed to remove the greater flow of recyclable materials, while the organic fragment undergoes biological treatment. For the processing of the organic waste, 10 bioreactors are in operation, with a capacity of 270-300tn each, for the production of compost. The designed maximum capacity of the Plant is 160,000 tn/y S.M.W (Output products: 17% recovery recyclables, 17% RDF, 35% Compost, 1% water losses/flight materials, 30% Residuals).
The main goal was to divert at least 45% of the input waste into valuable products such as Plastic packaging material
- Mixed paper and cardboard,
- Glass,
- Metals and Compost Like Output
- The Plant is an integrated solid waste management facility since it also includes a municipal solid waste landfill for the residues of the treatment (A sanitary landfill site with an annual capacity of 88.000 t/y and a minimum time-life of 20 years (total volume 2.8 million m3) as well as a waste water treatment unit for the leachates.

Resources needed

The approved Project budget for the construction was 35.076.200€ and it was co-financed 66% by the Cohesion Fund while the rest where financed by the Republic of Cyprus.

Evidence of success

All uncontrolled dumping areas were closed as requested by the EU regulations. The IMWP receives all the municipal waste from the Districts of Larnaka and Ammochostos and, since the end of 2018 also the District of Nicosia, which has enabled the closure of the last illegal landfill in Cyprus in February 2019.

Difficulties encountered

Some changes in the contract terms to receive also the municipal wastes of Nicosia District.

Potential for learning or transfer

The integrate Waste Management Plant of Koshie is dealing at the same time in the same plant all fractions of the municipal solid waste. It recover the recyclables, it compost the organic fraction, the residues go in a sanitary landfill and the leachates are treated in a water treatment unit.

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Main institution
Department of Environment, Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Enviro
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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