The Winter Cycling Campaign in Gävle is aimed towards habit drivers who want to become cyclists, but drive out of old habit.
The problem addressed was that too many people prefer to travel to and from work by car. Inspiration came from other parts of the country were municipalities had tried similar campaigns with great success. Gävle is a cycling city, but many people stop cycling during the winter since Gävle usually gets alot of snow during winter. But with well-functioning winter maintenance cycling is still a possibility and people that try to cycle during winter experience it to be easier and more fun than they expected. That's why it is important to get people to try it out.

Short description of GP (implementation process):
1. Advertisement – call-out that the campaign is seeking for people willing to try winter cycling
2. Contract signing – promising to cycle at least 3 days per week, you will get winter tires, gloves, saddle warmers, rective vests etc. to motivate winter cycling. Performed as a kick-off.
3. Cycling during 3 months, recording the cycling activities via an app. During the period the participants are able to inform us about shortcomings in the physical environment, for example bike lanes with lacking snow clearance or problematic obstacles in the roads.
4. Evaluation
5. Congratulations of a well performed cycling period. This campaign is open both to the public as well as to speci

Resources needed

At Gävle municipality 3 staff have been working part time with this, around 25% (10 h/ week) per person during preparations and less during the rest of the year. The institution in charge, Region Gävleborg, has 2 staff working part time for aproximatly the same amount of time (10h/week).

Evidence of success

The evaluations made after the end of the Winter Cycling Campaign show improved health and increased well-being of the participants. In addition, they reduce their carbon dioxide emissions and save money. Many of the participants continue to cycle to and from work when spring arrives.
In the year 2018 90 % of the participants stated that thay would continue to cycle in the same or to a larger extent next winter season.

Difficulties encountered

Some participants always drop out during the campaign due to different personal reasons.

Potential for learning or transfer

The Winter Cycling Campaign in a city in the north of Sweden shows that if people can winter cycle (and have a positive experience of winter cycling here) then people can winter cycle probably anywhere, year-round.
An important aspect for us was that the main institution in charge should be large so that purchasing materials for the campaign (tires, reflective vests and saddle covers) is cheap and easy. Smaller institutions might struggle with the task.

Others practicing the winter cyclist campaign in Sweden are:
Municipality of Uppsala
Municipality of Sundsvall
Västra Götaland county (with Gothemburg, Kungsbacka e.g.)
…and more!

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Main institution
Region Gävleborg
Norra Mellansverige, Sweden (Sverige)
Start Date
January 2010
End Date


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