Public seminars on various energy topics.
The practice consists of seminars focusing on various energy topics ranging from energy efficiency to renewables or sustainable mobility. Organised by the Azorean Directorate for Energy, these 1hour seminars consist of presentations by 3 to 4 speakers followed by a short discussion. 3 to 4 seminars are organised per year, during afterwork hours to ensure an easier participation. Online broadcasting is made available and online discussion is incentivised namely through community building. To reduce organisation costs, speakers are also asked to participate in other activities (such as specialised training sessions), effectively diluting travel and accomodation costs.

Resources needed

Organisation team, strong community building skills with online presence and budget. The organisation team must consist ofcommunication and technical specialists, planning ahead on the required topics, formalising the agenda, contacting the speakers and major stakeholders.

Evidence of success

Nine seminars organised so far with 20 to 150 participants per sessions. These seminars are ususally preceded by specialised training sessions, offering a more informal final debate. The various topics are presented according to a a matrix of stakeholders and topics, taking into consideration the topic's interest and the predicted audience size.

Difficulties encountered

Major challenges involve the initial identification of topics and stakeholders. Informal contacts must therefore be estabilished beforehand, building trust, commitment and assessing the needs for training and information.

Potential for learning or transfer

High potential for other regions to import this communication and dissemination tool given its large impact and relatively low cost. This model is especially relevant for outermost, archipelagic regions where the lack of specialised training and information is a major market failure.
Main institution
Região Autónoma dos Açores,
Start Date
January 2017
End Date