Development of a SUMP as a means of delivering a more innovative approach to local transport planning within a UK context.
A Local Transport Plan (the UK equivalent of a SUMP) is a statutory requirement under the Transport Act 2000, as amended by the Local Transport Act 2008.All Local Transport Authorities within the UK are required to prepare a Local Transport Plan (LTP) and keep it upto date. Within GM, Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) has taken the initiative to developing a SUMP in fulfilling the statutory requirement of a Local Transport Plan.
The innovative focus of the GM SUMP (GM Transport Strategy 2040) is that it focuses on the requirements of different types of journeys, rather than the needs of different modes. This means that the SUMP is able to take a holistic view of the investment needed: to improve connectivity to global markets; transform journey times to other major cities; capitalise on the potential of a rapidly growing Regional Centre, create better linkage between jobs and homes across the wider city region and provide 'first and last mile' connections within neighbourhoods that will make sustainable travel an attractive option.

Resources needed

This is dependent on the strategic transport authority and area in which the LTP is being developed.

Evidence of success

The Greater Manchester SUMP was published in February 2017.

Potential for learning or transfer

UK national requirements ensured strategic transport authorities developed an LTP. However, an area could produce an LTP voluntarily. Resources would be required to prepare the document, either internally or by procuring external expertise.
Main institution
Transport for Greater Manchester
Greater Manchester, United Kingdom
Start Date
October 2015
End Date
February 2017


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