The Regional Innovation Network is a structured network organization aggregating enterprises, research inst., as privileged interlocutor of the Regional Body
The Regional Innovation Network is an aggregation between enterprises, public and private bodies in the regional context, not necessarily territorially contiguous, that operate in innovative areas of any sector and are able to develop a set of initiatives and projects relevant for the regional economy, not necessarily limited to a specific production area but open to multi-sectoriality.
The problems to be solved had to do with the difficulty of developing projects and initiatives in new areas through a more effective collaboration between universities and companies. This aggregative form involves the creation of a structured system of enterprises, public and private bodies on the regional territory, operating also on a multi-sector scale, and with the active involvement of knowledge institutions, each network must contain enterprises and at least one research center/university. The purpose of the network is to operate on the supply chain (and on the frontier) of innovation by pursuing the development trajectories considered as priorities by the regional strategic policy

Resources needed

The Regional Innovation Network governance system is based on accreditation, supervised by the Veneto Region and a permanent network governance structure consists in consortia or leading enterprises. With ERDF Veneto Region finances innovative activities with calls dedicated to established networks

Evidence of success

18 active networks divided by RIS3 domain (over 300 enterprises involved):
SMART AGRIFOOD: CLU.BIO.VEN, INNOSAP-Sustainability in Agri-Food, RIBES-Ecosystem Health&Food, RIAV-Inn. Regional Network
SMART MANUF.: SINFONET, IMPROVENET, Veneto Climate&Energy, Veneto Green Clust., M3 Net, RIVELO
SUSTAINABLE LIVING: Venetian Smart Lighting, ForestaOroVeneta, ICT4SSL, Venetian Green Building Clust.
CREATIVE INDUST.:EUTEKNOS, Venetian Innov. Clust. 4 Cultur. and Environm. Heritage, FACE Design

Difficulties encountered

The RIN foresee the participation of different sector enterprises, trans-sectoral and multi-sectoral areas, and facilitate participation in international and EU projects, ensuring result and product-oriented approach for the research centers and their constant "hybridization" with enterprises

Potential for learning or transfer

The Regional Innovation Networks are systems that allow the enhancement and development of products through the use of research actions and enabling technologies. The Network is able to oversee issues related to specific cross-sectorial areas. The network organization can be easily replicated and finds examples throughout Europe, both for the regional approach that facilitates management and collaboration between public and private sectors and for the development of projects aimed at implementing the competitive capacity of businesses and the setting up of new development models applicable to the relevant sectors and new sectors.
Main institution
Veneto Region
Start Date
March 2016
End Date


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