An alternative way of mobility for encouraging people to walk and at the same time for reducing city traffic
The Pedibus is the healthiest, safest, funniest and environmentally friendly wat to go and come back from school. It is a human bus formed by pupils (“passegners”) and adults (“drivers” leading the group and “inspectors” bringing up the rear). As a true bus line, it leaves from a starting point and follows a route where it picks the passengers up at the stops agreed. The Municipality of Nova Gorica commissioned two videos promoting the initiative among the population. The project was initiated after the organization of the European mobility week in Nova Gorica where, every year, all Nova Gorica students reach on foot the city centre from their schools. In that occasion, the Municipality organizes playgroups on road safety and set up a mobility plan includingsafe itineraries tested during the mobility week and over the spring season by the Pedibus.

Resources needed

Volunteers are crucial. The principle of the action itself is that parents of children, alternately accompany a hiking trail, but this practice has not taken place in Nova Gorica.
Total cost less than one thousand euros.

Evidence of success

The campaign has been carried out for the 4th consecutive year and a large number of schools are joining it every year.4 years ago Nova Gorica started with a group of 15 children from one elementary school, but this year this number has increased to 60 pupils from 4 elementary schools. Even the duration of the action itself is prolonged. At the beginning a one-week campaign, then extended it for the whole month. Children go to school on foot at any time, regardless of weather conditions.

Difficulties encountered

The biggest problem was the provision of escorts for each group separately. Every day we had 6 groups for which we had to provide 12 followers daily for the whole month. This coordination and the organization of volunteers who accompanied the groups of horseshoes proved to be the most difficult.

Potential for learning or transfer

Pedibus has been known for some time in Europe. Northern European countries have been monitoring children for a long time. Some even make mascots and buses in the form of a bus (bicycle), bringing children to school. They use different methodological approaches to motivate younger generations and encourage them to go to school in this way. The goal of all forms of a pawnshop is that children come to school in a sustainable manner, not a car. For a long time, the Pedibus was also present in the neighboring Gorizia, where we could learn something from ourselves.
The aspect that we added to the campaign was to monitor the participation of children with the help of cards and stickers. Every child who attended the Pedibus morning received the sticker, which he affixed on the card. If the child had 15 stickers on the card at the end of the campaign, he could participate in the final prize draw. We concluded the action with an event where we distributed the skates to all participants.

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Main institution
Municipality of Nova Gorica
Zahodna Slovenija, Slovenia (Slovenija)
Start Date
September 2015
End Date


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