Small marketplaces in the city are dying. City of Maribor need Re-use centre. Two minus make a plus: 2nd chance as reuse activity on small marketplace.
Small marketplaces in city are dying because the Shopping centres are in. Small food producers hardly sell their products. People want healthy food, but they want also events and happenings. Snaga collected a lot of usable bulky waste – on call, some of those bulky waste are in pretty good condition. City need a place to store them. The place should be reachable for customers – to achieve re-use. How to start to solve the those challenges?
It want be enough when people will be just invited to small marketplaces to sell their goods that they do not need them anymore. So, we allways make events with other thematic. On such events the peoples can learn how to repair things (as bicycles, curtains etc.), how to make from old stuff something new (from jeans, from shirts, from curtains,…). The sell-table has a symbolic price: 1,5 € for half a Table and 3 € for whole table. Children’s get lessons how to sell and managing with money. There are always people, who knows and helping other peoples. People are coming back.
The Idea came from an employee in Snaga who is responsible for marketplaces. Together with people from City and others the first event was organised in April 2019. The most important stakeholders are citizens especially from skyscrapers and Blok buildings in surround of small marketplace. People are enjoying in this events and coming back. Also small food producers finding their opportunity and coming back again to sell on small marketplace.

Resources needed

For start of the project we do not need any special founds, just good will from employees and other stuff. The money from selling the tables was used for people, for hot tee for example.

Evidence of success

In 6 events there was over 500 sellers, in-between them over 80 children’s. Over 2.500 kg of goods find a new user. People come back to this small marketplace. Small food producers also come back to sell their products on this small marketplace.

Difficulties encountered

The biggest challenge now is to find a place in city of Maribor, where we could storage big goods like furniture, EEE and similar goods for reuse.

Potential for learning or transfer

Because of the shopping centres small marketplaces dying almost in all cities. On the other hand, reuse “market” could and should be a new way of preventing waste in urban areas. The way we did it was successful and already have good results. On small marketplace with this project there are now more people, parents come there with their children’s, small food producer also come back to the small marketplace and people can buy food from neighbourhood. People and families are hanging on and that is the key element for how such system can survive. And there is no specialty in our region that could not be transferred to other places around the Europe.
This good practice was establish on an small marketplace named Tabor in city of Maribor.

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Main institution
Snaga d.o.o., Maribor
Vzhodna Slovenija,
Start Date
April 2019
End Date


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Good Practices being followed by

Berthold Schleich

Office of the Regional Government of Styria