99 Things to See & do in Dundee is an annual crowd-sourced city guide, produced by Creative Dundee, recommended by the people who live in Dundee & love it.
Creative Dundee’s remit is to amplify the City of Dundee’s creative industries sector. We identified that there wasn't a comprehensive guide to the city’s creative/cultural industries and the offer the make to creative/cultural tourism and we wanted to produce a guide which was inclusive and representative across the city engaging our creative industries sector more effectively with the tourism/visitor market.

An annual guide has been produced since 2014. Through the guide we aim to showcase and highlight what is hidden and independent alongside the known and very visible places that all make up the rich fabric of our city.

We are now on the fifth iteration of the guide. 99 Things is a grass roots vision of Dundee and is developed through crowd-sourcing with the people of Dundee nominating the entries. It is aimed at the people of Dundee and the wider visitor market, enabling them to find unique and exciting places to visit – the definitive guide to the city, offering an insider’s view. It is distributed across the city and supported by a number of key attractions and the universities who all stock it. It aims to provide new people such as students an introduction and insight into the rich creative sector and for those who have lived in Dundee a long time it provides new places to explore. It also supports lots of local/independent pockets of creativity across the city. We produced 30,000 copies in 2019 which are displayed and distributed by partners across the city.

Resources needed

Human Resources: time from Creative Dundee staff - development of the project, management, social media campaigns, liaising with designers and stakeholders and input from the people of Dundee.
Financial resources include design fees and printing with a cost of approximately €4500.

Evidence of success

It is seen as the definitive ‘cool’ guide to Dundee.
- It complements Dundee’s status as the UK’s only UNESCO City of Design
- Partners agree to pay for and display and distribute copies each year
- It has a positive reputation
- It allows the community to have a say
- It is regularly the most visited page on our website
- Engages the creative industries sector directly with tourism
-We plan to use it as a pivotal part of a visitor marketing campaign with key tourist providers.

Difficulties encountered

As it is truly crowd sourced we only include things that are nominated & sometimes key attractions are left off, leading to complaints. We use this to engage people in the next guide.
Distribution is limited to a local audience so it is not well known out of the city and therefore under -utilised.

Potential for learning or transfer

The 99 Things to See and Do is replicable in any small creative city, where local people are keen to engage in the visitor economy and in telling others about what they love in their city.
The development of the guide engages us directly with the creative and cultural industries (CCIs) and raises their awareness of the benefits of participating in cultural and creative tourism (CCT) - identifying new markets within the visitor sector for CCIs and new products for visitors engaging in CCT. Focusing this engagement on something as simple as the guide opens the door to many other discussions and opportunities for collaborative approaches between CCIs and CCT.

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Main institution
Creative Dundee
North Eastern Scotland, United Kingdom
Start Date
July 2014
End Date


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