This Waste Management Platform aims to contribute to the optimization of logistics, esp. monitoring waste flows through wireless communication technologies.
Maintaining as a priority compliance with the LIPOR’s Strategic Plan, special emphasis is given to the enhancement of the recovery of materials by selective collection, to the reduction of the Biodegradable Urban Waste landfill disposal and to increase the preparation of materials for reuse and recycling. Thus, to achieve such targets, LIPOR has been developing Waste selective collection projects, articulated and developed in close relationship with the Associated Municipalities.
With the investment in selective collection systems, it is imperative to monitor the projects implemented and for this, it was necessary to create a Digital Platform.
LIPOR’s DATACENTER arises to allow to monitor the projects implemented with greater precision and to change the paradigm from an analysis showing its results globally by zone to a system where it is possible to quantify the levels of participation and to estimate the quantities delivered per customer.
Only then it is possible to act close to the citizen and keep them as an integral part of the project.
Being an Intermunicipal System as previously referred, the Project has been developed in partnership with the Municipalities that are part of the Organization and a outsider consultant from a Portuguese University (TecMinho).

Resources needed

An IT development team, responsible for the creation of the page, and a development team, determining the functionalities that the Platform should contain to support the Projects, were created. In addition, it requires a team responsible for analysing data and provide technical support.

Evidence of success

Prior to the System, LIPOR had collaborators spending as much as 1,068 hours per month to analyse information written manually by the collection teams. The new Platform eliminated the operation. It represents a monthly saving of approximately € 6,000. Within the project an Automatic Weighing System was installed at LIPOR’s facilities. This system allowed the reduction of the average weighing time by about 75% and made it possible to reduce mistakes by approximately 80%.

Potential for learning or transfer

With the new EU waste targets, it will be necessary to implement numerous projects in the area of selective collection. The creation of a proprietary Digital Platform to manage all these processes can be vital in the optimization of Waste Management System’s service. Proof of this is already the existence of requests by another system in Portugal to use LIPOR’s DATACENTER. In the Development of the Platform, several difficulties and other development opportunities have been identified that will surely arise to other systems that try to develop something similar, so the possibility of information sharing is enormous in a Project like this one. Since, as referred, all systems have to manage and report their data and many are starting to develop something similar, so all these projects can, ultimately, merge into creating a shared European Digital Waste Management Platform.

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Main institution
Norte, Portugal
Start Date
June 2016
End Date


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