The audiovisual platform disseminates and enhances the social image of fishing activity and professionals of the sector in the “Aldeias do Mar” territory.
The "Lugar do Real" platform was created by AO NORTE - Audio-visual Production and Animation Association, which is divided into four independent sections - Lugar do Real, Escolas, Fotomemória and Lab. The project "Aldeias de Mar" is in the section Lab.
The project involved the production of a set of audio-visual contents for online viewing, the main objective of which was to disseminate and enhance the social image of fishing activity and professionals of the sector in the “Aldeias do Mar” territory – Vila Nova de Cerveira, Vila Praia de Âncora, Viana do Castelo, Castelo de Neiva and Esposende.
Topics covered, Sea and Resources, Memory and Traditions, Gastronomy, and Museums, covered the diverse economic, cultural, ethnographic and social dynamics related to the workers of the fishing sector or other people who carry out an activity linked to this sector. The choice of themes was imposed by the urgency to free them from the erosion of time and allow safeguarding a memory of this present in accelerated transformation.
The project worked directly with fishermen, their families and people working in the sector and wanted audio-visual content to reflect not a scientifically explanatory discourse, but rather a meeting with people who have a relationship or affinity with the issues addressed. The issues approached was chosen together with the people. The portal is the result of this encounter with a chamber that does not take sides, but observes, interrogates and registers.

Resources needed

- Financed by Operational Program for Fisheries (2007-2013).
- People involved in developing the platform (construction and research) and the local community.
The key factor is to have somebody already inside the community, the background relationship of the fishermen helps to reach the goal.

Evidence of success

34 videos published
From its publication until November 2019, the project has received more than 2,326,047 visits. Average duration: 2 minutes and 47 seconds.
AO Norte has projects with elementary, secondary and higher schools. Students cover different topics and produce videos to be published in the "Escolas" section. They share with the family. The "Aldeias de Mar" portal can reach more people.
Sharing and dissemination are done through the different Facebook pages managed by AO Norte.

Difficulties encountered

At the “Aldeias de Mar” platform is missing the English translation of the material because it is complex. The translation was not defined.

Potential for learning or transfer

Being an information repository, it´s an available tool that contributes to the appreciation of the social image of fishing activity and professionals of the sector or other persons engaged in an activity linked to this sector. It allows to collect and safeguard memories from the past of the communities and to highlight the regional identity with various topics all linked to the region and a good thing is the involvement of the youngest generation using the media.
It is a material of high value, but it deserves to allow more people to learn from these traditions and get inspired by making it more available and usable by a broad audience: adding English subtitles and an English explanation of the background.
The connection with the region and with the communities, invite to meet the local people.

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Main institution
Association Ao Norte
Norte, Portugal
Start Date
May 2016
End Date


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