The Woodcraft Museum and Vienkoču Park has created successful practice knowledge sharing place for community of professional craftsmen. amateurs and tourists.
The Woodcraft Museum has created the community of like minded people attracting craftsmen from different sectors as well as people with interest into crafts. Here CCI is blended with CCT very naturally. Regular thematic crafts events takes place there gathering this community, experimenting and sharing knowledge. For example, building dug-out boats and trying them out in river, building bread oven and attracting bakers who make the dough in traditional dug-out bread bowls, making videos about craftsmanship honoring skills and knowledge.
Tourists can learn how to make household items and nuances of producing the log-ware objects from the Stone Age till nowadays. Workshops are organized during thematic events. Woodcraft masters are working there daily and tourists can enter and observe them at work and try to work with some tools. Main commercial products there is design dug-out wooden dish which nowadays are found in high class restaurants and sold abroad through Northmen Guild and other ways.
The World Woodcraft Day regional event take place at Vienkoči annually attracting craftsmen from abroad. Tourists can watch and participate to an extend. Vienkoči Park with wooden sculptures provide relaxing walks for tourists. There are also creative workshops aimed for children. Every year Fire Night with fire sculptures, music and other activities takes place. It attracts several thousand visitors, tickets cost from 5-7 Euro, all income is invested into development.

Resources needed

The funding from Local Cēsu Rural Partnership programme “Leader” was attracted – 45 000 Euros in order to built and open the Woodcraft Museum. Total expenses of the project: 160 000 Euros.

Evidence of success

Vienkoči Park has been awarded the tourism certificate “Latvian Heritage” issued by Ministry of Environment and Regional Development and Latvian Association of Rural Tourism. It has received the Vidzeme Tourism Association Award.
It is popular tourism site among Latvian as well as foreign tourists. It is also popular and highly respected place also for professional and amateur woodcraft in Latvian and abroad. Last year tourists reach about 20000, 8% increase from previous year.

Difficulties encountered

The challenge has been to find the way how to divide time and resources between professional work and visiting tourists.

Potential for learning or transfer

The craftsmen skills can not be transferred but the model of building community and knowledge sharing place can be transferred to different place and industry.
Vienkoču Parks has found formula for combining CCI with CCT deploying formula: woodcraft, knowledge, tourism. Woodcraft and knowledge transfer gives craftsmen place for creative experiments and learning possibility which very well later spills into tourism sector or becomes as a product.
Main institution
Latvija, Latvia (Latvija)
Start Date
January 2017
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