Common funding procedure (Italian Ministry/Tuscany Region) for selection and financing of R&D programmes with impact at national and regional level.
When two or more institutions decide to cooperate in order to jointly finance a specific programme, could be treacherous for them to combine different kind of financing instruments and it could generate uncertainty for the final beneficiaries (different procedures, different timing, etc..). Framework agreements with the Ministry of Economic Development: under a specific agreement that identifies the programme to be financed, Tuscany Region contributes to integrate the National Fund for Sustainable Growth with regional resources in order to finance specific R&D projects fitting both with the priorities identified at national level and with the regional strategy and priorities (basic conditions are: both regional and national impact and considerable contribution in terms of growth and employment). According to the agreement, only one procedure for collection and evaluation of the proposals is identified and it is directly managed at national level. Innovation consists in integrating financing instruments and schemes, identifying not only common rules but also: a) the specific procedure for the management of the resources, b) one managing authority (according to the rules pre-identified and agreed).

Resources needed

Personnel assigned (1 manager, 3 officers – half time): approximately 30.000,00 euros per year.
Regional funds for cofinancing the agreements: 30 mln of euro (at 31/12/2023, ending date)

Evidence of success

Foreseen R&D Investments in Tuscany Region for a total 185.000.000,00 euro.

Difficulties encountered

The preliminary phase (framework agreement negotiation with the Ministry) is particularly treacherous and time spending, consequenly it is crucial to anticipate such phase as much as possible according to the expected investment programme starting date.

Potential for learning or transfer

The scheme could be easly applied to other programmes (i.e. transnational, in order to overlap weaknesses of existing transnational financing schemes, as it happens in the case of ERANET).

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Main institution
Tuscany Region
Start Date
January 2016
End Date


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