sustainable mobility cooperative in Valencia Region
ALTERNA Coop Valenciana is a cooperative for sustainable mobility. Its goal is to facilitate and encourage its members and society in general to use the least possible amount of energy for mobility (by walking, biking, and through shared electric vehicles). Thus, their main activity is car sharing among its members, using electric vehicles that are charged with electricity coming from renewable energy sources.
ALTERNA ( is based in the Valencian municipality of Albalat dels Sorells, and it now has 327 members distributed among 6 main local groups in the Valencia Region. Its most active group is located in the centre of the Valencia city, where the cooperative has two electric cars and two charging stations. The two cars are shared among 20 users, and the car sharing is managed through and app installed in their phones.
The cooperative also has another electric car in the village of Burriana, which is shared among 5 members of the cooperative. This car is not shared among more members because it is not ready yet to use the app. This means that the car cannot be opened with the phone, it has to be opened with the key, so the key has to be physically exchanged between the members and this takes time.
Another goal of the cooperative is to share cars with the municipalities where the groups are located. In this way, the municipality staff would use the car during working hours, and the rest of the time cars can be used by members.

Resources needed

 Software and hardware to manage the car sharing
 Funds to buy the cars and for the charging stations
 Some staff to run the cooperative

Evidence of success

 Citizens have been brought together to form a community group
 Increased electric mobility (number of cars and charging stations)
 The project is already being replicated with 6 local groups in different municipalities
 Collaboration with municipalities and public entities to create a network of public charging stations

Difficulties encountered

Lack of liquidity, takes time to get the money to buy the cars.
Lessons learned:
Number of cars can be greatly reduced (10 users per car), people don’t need to own their own car.
Benefits of belonging to a network of mobility cooperatives (mutual support, sharing of good practice

Potential for learning or transfer

The potential for transfer is good; there are many local groups interested. This approach is new in the Valencia Region but it has the potential to be transferred to any urban centre in the region
Main institution
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2017
End Date


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