A vernacular shipbuilding wharf that restores old and historic fishing vessels as well as modern boats on a commercial base.
Blue Line Shipbuilders LTD was established in 1958 and is one of the few vernacular shipbuilding wharfs that still restores old and historic fishing vessels using the traditional techniques and tools. They have been learning the art from generation to generation and are consider as one of the last generations of vernacular shipbuilders in Cyprus.

In order to document the art and the living history of the traditional shipbuilding in Cyprus they have engaged students to research in old documents and to make interviews with the craftsmen. With this way they created a database with technical materials, blueprints of historic ships and recording of old techniques as well preserve the old tools that they can still be used for restoring traditional fishing vessels.

The Blue Line Shipbuilders in order to be vital as a company they repair modern boats such as speed boats, motor sloops, etc on a commercial base.

Resources needed

The company has 5 employees all belonging to the family.

Evidence of success

Until today the traditional shipbuilding craft has been safeguarded. There is a continuation of the traditional way of shipbuilding using the old tools. Also, a considerable number of blueprints of historic ships and techniques has been recorded, as well as old tools.

Difficulties encountered

The biggest difficulty was to be able to survive as a company. They wanted to continue the traditional shipbuilding but at the same time they had to make their living. That is why they had to start work with modern boats.

Potential for learning or transfer

This practice combines the continuation of traditional shipbuilding but at the same time in order to survive as a company to work with modern boats. It can be an example for other shipyards that can at the same time restore historic vessels and work with modern boats so they will not depend solely on municipal funding or any other financial support. Also, it gives an example on how to engage young people and especially students in learning the traditional restoring of vessels and the old techniques and tools and recording this traditional craft.
Main institution
Larnaca and Famagusta Districts Development Agency
Start Date
January 1958
End Date


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