The tender used a Performance/Output Based Specification approach for minimum energy efficiency, decrease water consumption and healthy environment in rooms
Gabrovo Municipality had been trying to renovate St. St. Cyril and Methodius school for more than 5 years. The municipality faced a number of challenges in their ambition to renovate the building to a much higher energy efficiency standard. The building of St. St. Cyril and Methodius school in Gabrovo was constructed in 1970. The building consists of four blocks (one administrative; –two containing classrooms; –and one sports facility). The heating is sourced from natural gas boilers and the building contains no cooling and ventilation systems.
The tender used a Performance/Output Based Specification approach for minimum energy efficiency - class B and is the first tender in Bulgaria to specify achievement of a minimum energy class. There ware measures for limited the water consumption and also for ensuring a healthy environment in the rooms via Automatically Controlled Valves.
Numerous informal meetings between different stakeholders - the energy auditors, municipal and EcoEnergy experts took place. As part of the research into what was possible for the procurement, two companies participated in one of the Bulgarian SPP network meetings, clarifying the benefits of building automation. In addition, individual meetings with four different companies involved in building automation systems were held during the development of the tender specifications.

Resources needed

Tender team was 7 people active work on the documentations and around 2/ people experts and stakeholders that support the tender team.
Total budget up to 1,250,000 EUR (excl. VAT)

Evidence of success

• 155.3 tons of CO2 emissions saved (92 t compared to a conventional solution)
• Primary energy savings – 0.7 GWh (0.4 GWh/yr compared to a conventional solution)
• Financial Savings - 25,564 EUR
• Healthier environment for school children
• Water consumption limited per minute
• Monitoring system settled.

Difficulties encountered

We understand that sometimes the highest possible goals Public authorities set are not the best decision in some current tenders because the additional obstacles that arise, the net of tangible results, against somewhat lowered criteria

Potential for learning or transfer

To carry out planning in conducting the PP that allow sufficient time to analyze different possible solutions;
documentation teams include experts with different knowledge and expertise, even when there is no direct relation to the tender, as it is possible to integrate specific requirement on production level or landfilling;
To seek green criteria from other categories prepare from EU Commission or national institutions – ex. In current tender the requirement for water limit is from Sanitary Tapware green criteria.
To seek a reasonable balance between investment and indirect benefits - thus reducing the goal of achieving Class A to Energy Efficiency class B.
Try to visualize the indirect or environmental benefits – that will rationalize the efforts, and will be helpful to explain the mean of GPP to the decision maker but also to the citizen which money Public Authorities spend.

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Main institution
Северен централен,
Start Date
April 2017
End Date
September 2017


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