The Consortium of Waste CREA uses criteria of green public procurement to establish a rational management of waste and the acquisition of ecological products.
CREA is in charge of the management of the waste within the districts of Vinalopó, the main problem addressed is that of the large amount of waste generated with possibility of recovery that ends up in the landfills.
They therefore consider using green procurement criteria to try to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by recycling and classifying the waste generated for subsequent recovery or reintroduction into the value chain.
In order to achieve the objectives, it is proposed to make maximum use of available resources to reduce carbon emissions and the generation of non-reusable waste. Especially in highly populated areas where there are environmental problems associated with poor waste management and uncontrolled landfills.

Importance of self-sufficient waste management areas, and well known of GPP and documents by all technical staff of the sector, e.g. certification for sustainable management events in accordance with the ISO20121: 2012 standard.

Purchase and realization of communication materials on recycle and / or certified paper, preference of electronic formats of communication, reuse of panels for stands and promotion of low-impact vehicles for the event services.

Obligations in the regional plan: there is compulsory for all muncipalities to have a environmental plan, including measures of GPP more focused and adapted to the needs and reality of the municipality.

Resources needed

Collaboration regional / local.: Every year, the waste management consortiums signed an agreement with the regional government to develop strategical investment

Tones / year (circular economy, own resources and minimizing polluting emissions): packaging recycling 1,700, glass 2220, paper 1720

Evidence of success

The green criteria can be shared with the other waste management consortium.
It has created a network of different circular economies to trigger a change of perspective in the current economic vision so that it would not be prioritized in obtaining the maximum profit but in the greater average environment and the minimum carbon footprint associated with the activity performed.
The amount of recycled materials are increasing, as well as the reduction policies.

Difficulties encountered

The current economic model is in many cases incompatible with the adoption of ecological criteria and the use of a circular economy.
In Valencia Region we have to improve the monitoring part

Potential for learning or transfer

Experience from the use of green procurement criteria in enterprises or entities dealing with regional waste management is a practice that is potentially extrapolate to any European region because This activity is found in all countries and regions.
There are countries and regions with serious problems in waste management and these criteria could provide a new approach in the management and procurement of products that favor the flourishing of a new circular economy.
A change in the way European citizens manage their waste by focusing on the balanced and responsible use of available resources and the minimization of unusable waste.

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Main institution
CREA Regional Waste Management Consortium
Comunidad Valenciana, Spain (España)
Start Date
January 2018
End Date
January 2025


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